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Is gonna run right through Thursday afternoon, and in town and country road construction has closed the right lane on Hillsboro Avenue Eastbound at Memorial Highway. John Thomas NewsRadio wofl, a low humidity breeze out of the Northeast, certainly feeling like fall today with a high of 89 only a 10% rain chance It's 72 degrees at news radio w. F. Ella Governor Dissatisfied unveiled legislation that puts restrictions and penalties in place for those who cross the line between peaceful protest ng and violence. The governor says it's time for Florida to stand unequivocally behind its police officers. He calls this the boldest and most comprehensive legislation of its type in the country. For one thing, he says, blocking roadways will now be a felony. We see people take over interstates that is absolutely hazardous. It's not fair to motorists who may get caught up in that on, so that will be unacceptable. Governor is also telling local communities not to defund the police while budget cuts or one thing, says any community that singles out. Police departments for cuts may lose state grants. Reid Shepherd News radio Wofl, a black lives matter. Advocates quickly denounced the proposed legislation. Vice president of Black Lives matter Restoration, Polk says it's sparking controversy and Pastor Clayton Coward from the poor and minority Justice Center tells news Channel eight. The bill prioritizes monuments over people they are protecting statues and monuments. But there are a lot of dealing with anything about humans who are being treated roll by law enforcement officers is a statue of 75 year old statue more important than human life, the way you says it's an authoritarian assault on civil rights. Tampa police have arrested one of two suspects who carjacked a woman in Bartow and took off with her three Children inside. The vehicle woman was attacked at gunpoint as she was getting into the driver's seat of the car. The gunman and another suspect got into the passenger side and took off May later dropped off the Children at different locations where they were found.

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