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Drive relax dot com fifty percent off well some NFL stuff going on right now we talked about the dak Prescott story it's it's fascinating because dak Prescott we had we see all the numbers and it's massive it is Russell Wilson level there's a story about a forty five million dollar payment at the end let's get Albert Breer via the calorie local satellite network join us all right what's not being talked about Albert with dak Prescott to deal clearly come on they're gonna have to find a middle ground and the raw numbers are a factor of course the fact that Patrick Mahomes could do a deal between now and the start of training camp a factor as well one reason why the cowboys will be motivated to get something done sooner rather than later I think that middle ground though actually could be found in the length of the deal the cowboys have typically try to get their players to do longer term deals they've locked up C. Kelly it that way they've got locked up Zack Martin that way they've locked up Jaylen Smith that way I think one P. one place where they could find a middle ground maybe they go to dak Prescott they were willing to do a shorter deal with you maybe a three year deal a four year deal that's a little bit of a bandaid that gets him where he needs to be from a monetary standpoint and then he can revisit in three or four years come back to the table and benefit by some of the things that are going to be happening in the league I eat the television deals and gambling money coming in story comes out yesterday Taysom hill according to Jay Glazer is gonna start on and I said this earlier I he doesn't really fit all the parameters but five years ago if you'd told me we'd stop going to movie theaters or we jump into strangers cars it's called uber I mean who knows the way the world changes it I look at him and I think to myself more Jackson I didn't know if you could place the MVP of the league what do you make of the taste of it was an extra three story he's an Exter breeze but I certainly think Sean Payton is intrigued by what he can do it tastes and how and they want to get more opportunity this year and really this is about throwing as many darts in the dark or as you possibly can and getting ahead of drew Brees is retirement and right now in that locker room they've got two guys are throwing darts with one S. T. some help the others gave us one instant who may have had up and down five years in Tampa but he was the number one overall pick there is some talent there and so you know I I think the idea on what the New Orleans Saints are doing right now is they're taking multiple shots at finding drew Brees's successor takes the mail as a lead right now because he's been in the building the last couple of years you know Sean Payton's offense he's actually got on the field for Sean Payton okay this one is gonna have a shot at being the guy too and so these two guys going to be interesting over the course of the next few months as they get a shot to compete in training camp to beat her braces back up and then we get to the you know opening day and we see was number two on the depth chart important remember your call that wasn't Taysom hill last year was actually teddy Bridgewater yeah the speaking of replacements I was just saying this is that twenty years ago Bobby knight was bill Belichick he was the coach of record in America and then he fell in love with the system and thought his system was it more important than players could not do the one and done any disappeared Gregg Popovich was the star of the NBA coaches and then he decided you know what I don't need Kawhi Leonard my system is bigger and now they're less relevant than the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets Bella check has a system and I know it's formidable but he wanted Brady back Jarrett Stidham was not impressive enough in a year Garoppolo's was Bella check removed off ready for Garoppolo's I right here in all this Jarrett Stidham stuff and I'm like if you so great why did bill want Brady back we get what we know about Stidham well I will tell you why Brady back because you got an aging roster Brady better matches the roster that they have right now but I would also say that Rangers Stidham was really a bad on the coaching they've got the building they've been doing this for a few years calling in drafting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's part of this kidney Danny Etling two years was up here two years ago was a partisan Jarrett Stidham is as well they look at guys who are kind of distressed assets coming into the NFL if you look at your insurance history is there for you he was the number one high school quarterback in America coming out started as a true freshman at Baylor things went haywire there he transfers to Auburn spending a little time in junior college the Auburn offense was still the cam Newton often it's not a great fit form so the picture is solid they drafted him was a player who had a ton of talent who came into college one of the most highly recruited quarterbacks in the country and just things went sideways when he got there and so they feel they can still harbors the talent you're instead I'm he spoke really highly of him last summer over the course of July and August that cooled off a little during the season as he worked in being the scout team quarterback but they suggested was one of these kids it's sort of a distressed asset the tab there's talent there and having him as a starter is about on their ability to coach and what when's the last note in the news you got in the last day with the NFL anything new out there yeah I mean over the last the last forty five minutes or so the that the agenda for the may twenty eighth week meeting went out and to me the most interesting part of it there's this booth I higher proposal that was put forward by the raiders and the Chargers there's a lot of skepticism on over whether or not they would actually make it to the week meeting for a vote well that is on the agenda and they call in the booth on fire what it really is the sky judge yeah and this is what so many coaches in the NFL want calm when I am I I mean I ran a poll on the subject at all thirty two head coaches last year I got got word back from twenty six of them over twenty of them were in favor of a sky judge they want this this and this mechanism in place that would sort of provide the officiating crew with the benefit of all the H. the angles all of the all the day all the instant stuff that we have at home they want to give the officials that benefit and so they want to put somebody up in the books who's gonna have the benefit of the television broadcast so they can use that as a tool to better officiate the game makes all the sense in the world I know there are a lot of head coach is hoping that this guy judge proposal some prior proposal goes through next week by the way Alden Smith to the cowboys I roll my eyes at it I I Greg hardy Randy Gregory Alden Smith I don't think the cowboys aren't particularly deft at the defensive side of the ball I don't love their coaches I think they draft their hit and miss on drafting it I think they're very good on the offensive side of the ball they they built an unbelievable best offensive line in twenty years in the league they don't mess I got back in the fourth round Alden Smith the reason I roll yeah I just don't think he's gonna have a huge impact what people say in the league right here's what I would tell you first of all calling your right to look at that one position the edge rusher position as a position where you've got to spend a lot of money they got DaMarcus Lawrence there who again he was one of these guys yet red flags coming out of Boise state they wound up hitting on him they paid him that's a position where you either have to bring in a guy who's got red flags and roll the dice were drafting high or pay him and so they've found ways to try to cut corners that position they struck out on Randy Gregory they had on the market Florence they struck out on Greg hardy and the hope is that they had on all the Smith by all accounts old furnace really turned his life around but we've seen in the past how these things can be up and down a little bit so certainly arrest by the cowboys an arrest that they've taken at that specific address position good stuff Albert nice talking to you you can contact so.

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