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In she just text it's great great easy simple way to get involved in the show I you know Mike it's been sort of a heavy Newsday a typical for a Friday Fridays generally are pretty pretty light and fun but there's a lot of heavy stuff that we have to talk about today so why not why not talk about distractions specifically what are the things that you and I are doing to to chill out to distract ourselves from from all of this news that's that's happening yeah I mean for for me I mean that I got a I've got to be just disciplined about making my distractions actual distractions because I tend to have a lot of bleed into what we do on air those tend to be a lot of the medically lot of the podcast that I follow so I find myself at times like really looking for to listen to the podcast unlisted real has covering the same spot and not it's sometimes a better and different or more nuanced way whatever whichever way but none the less I've been you know marinating in that topic all week and then I'll try and relax the podcast relies well that didn't help and it's and it's kind of hijacked in some ways all of my other favorite podcast aren't fundamentally news podcasts This American Life like a lot of podcast that I would normally listen to our escape in have become very focused on the the pandemic in the effects of the pandemic from economic to health to social and so I've had this sort of like dig deeper in one of the ones that actually finds a nice escape although it's escape into something kind of awful is I mean awful at least in terms of you look at the actual human cost is war stories but it's is really dynamite to buy a couple of a guy named Aiden who is a military writer a guy named caused by angry staff officer was a former infantryman it is still a member of the Army National Guard and also a military writer these two do a podcast and they essentially break down major battles or skirmishes in in war history not just United States but pre United States early enough from Alexander the great power and it's fascinating because they talk about tactically how when when somebody would make a big shift in tactics how other people sort of recognizing it and it would change the in no different way than than you see disruptions in the tech community it happened in fighting as well and how technology would suddenly suddenly swinging advantage one direction to one particular group of people and then I'm more technology or tactics with swing in advance to another way and it is really great it's a really great history lesson which I dig anyway but it's also this very it's for a very specifically focused history lesson I'm not exactly a military history buff but the stories are well told these two people have a really good dynamic and I find that I completely forget everything else when I'm listening to it because it creates you like you make a very vivid picture in your head and the heart of the whole escape process is to replace the movie that's running in your head with a different right yeah yeah I've been well I I've been doing a few different things podcast is definitely one of them I I tend to I tend to really like weird comedy podcast so there's a couple like deb but man is for bonanza which is its impact I don't even know how to explain it a comedian named Andy Daly he he's an improviser as well he plays this character named Dalton Wilcox is the poet laureate of the west and he originated this character on a different show years ago right and this is sort of a spin off what kind of how mark landed on Happy Days gave him his own show this is that except that he and his his crew go through each episode of bonanza and the joke being there are I think like four hundred and thirty one or two episodes of bonanza right and it's just it's bizarre it's weird it's nonsense they they get to the show sort of toward the end but that's all about the preamble right and all that business I really like that a lot there's also one called twenty thousand hertz which I've talked about before you have it now and that's when I actually put on my list after you talked about the last time it's it's a really fantastic it's so well produced it's done by these guys who are basically sound engineers they make sounds for a living right and they tell the stories behind the world's most recognizable sounds and sometimes it's it's really deep and really informative sometimes it's weird their latest one is basically about why why do we think farts are funny when they talk about the whoopee cushion a lot it's just it's it's a trip that sounds like when I would take yeah it's it's a great show twenty thousand hertz if you spell it out right now so what else you doing other than less to say to get out of podcasts I'm playing a lot of animal crossing like apparently the rest of the world it is it's just a delight full pointless exercise and call right you know you without without even the the scandal of like sim city or anything like that right there is sort of just like as Brian as it gets totally you're the worst thing that can happen to you is you get stung by wasps and then you have to go get some medicine and take some medicine then you're fine or you get a what about murder Hornets all we'll see they're what they updated all the time how we are approaching summer you know it's it's done in real time so their seasons so there's only you can only catch certain fish a certain time of year or certain time of day or in a certain location given sort of the theme of animal crossing my guess is it's going to be maybe attempted assault Hornets it's not really good right right there is no real hazard right right it's an easy for your everyone irritation Hornets or something like that yeah it's yes it's a it's basically a game for children right now it's better but but this the sky's the limit I mean I can do you can do so much with that that's been really fun yeah for me weirdly enough like like I find great satisfaction and I don't know why because I don't than maintain the status but I find great satisfaction in organizing stuff and I'm don't know what I think would look at me is a terribly organized person although I've managed to keep a lot of balls in the air and most the time I don't drop many of them but I'd like the process of completely like emptying out everything in the dresser finding stuff that's got to go to goodwill like clearing out space because I find that if I can keep the space to put things organized I'm pretty good at putting things away I always put tools away I was raised in that sort of my dad's shop in my brother's shop you always had to put like the screw drivers back in the screwdriver tore specifically categorize like that kind of thing and so I'm good about that generally speaking but I find that when I as soon as I lose that regular place to put something I it all starts falling apart every rapidly yes I'm the same way and things go all over the place and I did actually get a good tip about where you should when you are reorganizing where you should put things in this is kind of interesting idea that you should put if you lose things and you find it find something that you've lost a tool that you need or something that you need and you looked all over and he finally find find it where you should store it is the first place you look for it that's a great idea right right pretty good idea of where it should be because that's where it should be yeah I mean like that yeah I know I thought that that was I heard that on a really interesting and a different podcast get a free economics which is my one of my favorite podcasts as a guy who's the editor wired magazine and he had these like tips for living is like thirty died of him and they were all very smart but that one sort of range would be like well of course just build it backwards yeah I know right yeah well I yeah that's wonderful now I'm also watching there's a there's a TV show on now that's in its second season third season I should know this what we do in the shadows it's the strangest most hilarious take on vampires I'm not a big vampire guy right but my god is this show funny it is the these vampires they live in Americanism it's based off of the movie of the same name what we do in the shadows that's from New Zealand and the story is of these vampires who have been living in Staten Island for centuries and they were a were originally sent here to like take over North America right they got lazy and they haven't done anything and it's it's shot of Rory's in every ancillary characters hilarious people show up for one episode a lot of times it's just it's it's I'm going all out of the park we're allowed which platforms it's on Hulu if you hang you can watch it they don't have Hulu so FX show yeah yeah that's it that's it yeah all right well runtime we're gonna have to revisit this because I can I like that I liked I liked it also gave us quite literally it's gets very matter because gave us a distraction from what we've been talking about as well just to have a talk about distraction it's true it's true more Karen I.

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