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And nationallyrecognized certified financial planner andy smith i was ready to start this particular segment then i was distracted that eddie and i had the picture of of a that we have on investingsensecom of the guy holding aside the chant yellen testifying before congress lasri you've got associated said and vesting cents dot com dude on the right low thia not happy so before the break i made a pretty bold statement and said there is a nearly guaranteed way for you to get a race beg your boss best way reuters health pictures of your boss in a uncompromising situation that's not what i start your own company that one way but no that easy on that one did what what he eats well it's easier david asking her boss so a couple of studies last week found that twenty percent of workers are missing out on more money and they're missing out by not contributing enough to receive their employers full match each to to the contribution and their 401 k i see this all the time people are leaving tons of dollars on the table in one study mean they found that you could be missing out on as much as one hundred grand in retirement a what's more lotta people are just are missing out and their only one per cent away from i am receiving the full employer match so if if this sounds like you if you're not getting an employer match semi an email askandy investingsensecom give us a call because you are leaving a ton of money on the table india we have a call here edf removal is calling and it's concerning a concentrated stock position ed thank you for calling what is your question okay i ordered ford motor company and erika weber narrow been and ford dr alert bear would have worn and walked away got a backup eighteen and out lautenberg down i'm getting freaky pershare every quarter on dividend wired to a bear compared day and all the old rule of want you and vr vr great question i i like the fact that people are longterm investors but when it comes to company's stock that's kind of a.

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