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Money news on K. Y. W. here's Bloomberg's Larry cop ski socks will try to get back on track if they relate back of rates wrong rally yesterday may be starting to turn the corner on the coronavirus push the S. and P. five hundred briefly to a twenty five percent gain from its recent low that's the classic definition of a bull market but the gains fail to stick is oil turned sharply lower on fears that any deal among major producers to limit output will not be enough to offset slumping demand cosco will report later today on its March sales giving us a window on consumer behavior as the coronavirus began to shut down the economy Bloomberg intelligence says the pandemic may boost sales for some retailers in the short term but they could face mounting cost pressures to keep their shelves stocked is the crisis drags on also today we'll hear from the fed is it releases minutes from its meeting last month when policy makers voted to lower interest rates to near zero with money news from Bloomberg on K. Y. W. I'm Larry coffee balance of nature changing the world one life at a time every year I going to see my doctor she says whatever I'm doing it's working out much physical and the doctor says whatever you're doing keep doing it so my primary doctor and she couldn't get over how much better I was doing she said she'd never seen anything like it my doctor says keep it up whatever you're doing keep it up the doctors that she noticed when she first saw him in that I was really progressing better so I think it might have something to do with the nutrition that I've been getting from you guys don't wait to see what getting over ten servings.

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