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Government of prince harry to his american girlfriend meghan mock richard hamilton has been looking at international reaction and particularly across africa there's been a global media fascination with the story but it's particularly resonated with people in africa and probably the main reason for that is meghan marco is herself of african american heritage so to find out more about this i spoke to some of our colleagues at bbc africa and i asked them why this is such a big story for their audiences leading with allah tv programme tv broadcasts to nigeria because is the first time some line leaks 3s getting mighty to e julia he aid so at the looking forward to win the ugly to get married is going to be be peaks where he in nigeria i'm especially pleased about meghan she is definitely multiethnic win philosophic is that we have an attachment to somebody in the royal formulation he's talented she's breezy and they seem to be love so why not good luck to them this is a revolution in the palace make an is a divorcee or the dan prince harry and she's black so this quite something new in the palace is gonna be popular but this is quite historique a you're interested in the rhone engagement not really not interested to be honest with you i just don't know why i should be interested i'm interested in the queen prince charles because he might take over but with everyone else that interested so yes i know that it's a big story today about a read on get the excitement and the other connection that the couple have with africa is that prince harry has spent a lot of time in africa he has done charitable work for example with children orphaned by aids and hiv analyst so to and botswana and the couple in fact spent a threeweek holiday in botswana and zambia.

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