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Talking love it. I don't from it at all good. Yeah i really really i mean you have such an amazing time. It's nice to hear that it's like legitimately well a real hobby he is. We're not doing it here. We are on the patio at my house. Monica and i are debating some hot button topic. That's it. I'm into motorcycles and chatting yup yeah. What's the hottest button <music> recently. That's a dangerous question assets i mean i think we both know generally what it is well. I don't actually hottest. I most rocco's let's yes tiro hukou sitting it should be it should be right. We haven't even ventured into the tobacco bullets start by saying the reason they become hot. Button topics is that we both love each other so much and we would love to have the same point of view on things so when we don't it's got an elevated weight to it yeah and but this reminds me of a very good friend who i worked with in d._c. She's brilliant me is an environmental environmental lawyer and found out recently over drinks that she's not entirely sure about climate science and all oh you talking about well what do you how is the and i thought she was joking for the longest time. I don't understand where we we you. This can't be true right right and then and i was like is this like. Are you one of these people who doesn't think we went to the moon either. That's ridiculous. Of course we went to the moon. Well you know what i i'm glad you're defending all of these policies as an environmental lawyer. I think we're just gonna have to let this one be by itself so we talk about tacos thousand well but look. I say fuck that whole debate. It's a relevant. Why would we be using a resource. We knows finite why what our daily activity be figuring out which one on his infinite one of my favorite conversations that i had when i used to work in in d._c. Was with young evangelicals who didn't agree with the guy i was working working for on like any issue <hes> but they believed that they were put on god's green earth to take care of it and so whether they agreed with the science or not was irrelevant because they thought why are we a using finite resources reason and dirty polluting. Why don't we just be good about it. Let's have fucking solar everything and wind everything because it's just the wise smart the thing to do when you're finding with a wife or something and you're you're fighting about the silverware drawer. That's not the issue generally talk. No we know you professionally is kalpana yeah but that name is what we would call a stage yes but interestingly it is also your own. How do i say your birth name. Calpe norrkoping kalpana culprit gulping is like actually pronounce it. This is like a hassan hussin hustle yeah exactly these meetings. I need to know that there are two acceptable pronunciation of a word like there's only dax to my knowledge but yeah but the right comparison i always get in trouble so gulping is a it's a good drought the word or i think the if not sunscreen hindi but it means the object of the dreamer the person who dreamed about okay so because it's not an english word obviously we speak english is our first language and so you're gonna take turns into captain sure <hes> that's not wrong wrong. Necessarily i mean it's not right but it's not like it's it's more like saying that advertisement versus advertisement was right or wrong. No one is that in england and one who says here yeah. I know i know monica's like the runaway origin of where it's from where advertisement advertisement or advertisement started but whoever it started is probably the correct. I think let me be more clear so is obviously the real porno. Kalpa is fine. I feel fine about <hes> but yeah no. It's a it's a screen name a stage name and when i first moved to l._a. In nineteen ninety five to go to u._c._l._a. u._c._l._a. To brother we both graduated in two thousand. I don't think that anyone there. I didn't know you i didn't i know you're a forty thousand people but you're you're sociology and film. Yes and i was anthropolgy yeah so i think we are on the same end of the campus right yeah and maybe even had sociology 'cause it's very likely we have crossed paths numerous. It's likely we have the same class at the same time. Yes that is possible four hundred person lectures. What kind of student were you because i think we shared this that i was here to be a comedian. I went to college. Get my mom to pay my rent and to make her happy so i didn't live on campus. I wasn't like like fully immerse. Ideas was their learning taking tests and splitting. Were you having the college experience. Yes i so i moved from new jersey to u._c._l._a. So i moved out there. When i was was eighteen i was in a triple in reaper which was awful. I loved the dorms but i was in triple room which meant new. It's you know the size of originally crafted for one human seattle with these weird bunk beds but i loved it. I loved being at u._c._l._a. I ultimately decided to go there because i knew i wanted to get into film and tv. I grew up in new jersey right outside of new york city and i loved theater but i thought if i get into an l. a. school that's going to be my opportunity to go out there early and yeah and to get an education and i liked actually that u._c._l._a. Had a diversity of your education experience it was a huge school it all these experts teaching random classes but if you wanted to do your own thing you could and you could kind of pick and choose also huge nerd so i took for example there are i tried to take ellis to this premed life sciences class as an elective ah <hes> and failed it and had to drop but i remember being in class and you know not understanding something the professor said and asking the kid next to me in the door look at my paper. I was like <music>. I'm a theater major buddy. This is an elective. I'm not competing for mid school with you yeah yeah but there was intense. Shit like that like oh. This is like as much as i'm here to be an actor like you guys are legit doctors yet doctors in training now phrase e side note unrelated monica. Watch this documentary on white nationalist us and one of the things that came out. I think you'll have the same shock i did. Which is when i got to u._c._l._a. I was like okay. I think at the time it was like forty forty two percent asian thirty nine percent caucasian just the most multicultural place i'd ever been my life so when we watch this white nationals documentary his guy started tracking people that had been at charlottesville and then found them at other rallies and then found out who they weren't kind of exposed their identity. One of them was a medical student at u._c._l._a. l._a. With a government clearance at a weapons manufacturing facility out here in california in of all the things of all the fairy tales. I made up about my classmates while sitting in class. I would never have thought there was a white nationalist there. It seems like why would you go there. You know you can choose everything yeah yeah. Yeah you're coming to one of the most diverse schools planet in your white. Nationalist is this i. I was just like oh. I guess you really don't know anybody. He became a white nationalist after that that experience because he had some bad interaction. We couldn't think it's possible maybe he had the wrong triple room and rebirth <hes> yeah you get the wrong. Two guys might set you on a bad bad actually out so i was an r._a. My third year ahead resident who came to me and they teach you this in your r._a. Training any kind of role using this would never happen but there's this training scenario. Where what would you do. If one of your residents comes to you and says my roommate drew. A swastika left it on his desk. Oh aw what how old is this training. I grew up in new york. City date was a fairly diverse community middle school. You go to a bar mitzvah buckets every weekend like the idea that somebody would hold. These views was so old to me. Yes my third year when i was an r._a. Had a resident who came to me and he was very upset and he said my roommate left a swastika on his desk and i don't know what and i couldn't believe that so i mean it is shocking but take back. I'm like wow that that happens. Is there any way this person was scribbling absent mindedly or this seems very i'm amount on a dangerous limb well. When you started. I was going to make a joke about the old son's crypt. They're hindu symbol the we've covered that but then you kept going allies. This is not a joking time no he. He is what he meant by it and the whole intervention in what was done. I can't remember entirely. I think they obviously reassigned the room because it's one of those the racist kids right to express himself is also something that's a thing of of course but also i mean come on. That's not the kind of thing that you mediate on your own when you're right. You have to kick that up to oh. That's supervisor but i remember telling my supervisor. I'm like you. No i remember sometimes when when beef happened with my residents like somebody using a word that the other person finds offensive and and tell the kid who's using the offensive word like back you know always they go well. That's my right i have. I have a right to use outward. You can't tell me that i can't you like dude total. You absolutely have a right to use that word. Do you have to be an asshole right now. Have the right to be an asshole like. Where did you grow up that you feel the need like somebody's taking something away from you. If you also have have a right to shit on your dining room table every day that is a right people in america half that doesn't mean one should defend that right to shit on their dining room table slippery slippery slope. It is <hes> u._c._l._a. Yeah just have to give this shutout because that's where you asked about the screen name <hes> that's that's where it sort of came together many a late night in the dorms like sitting in these stairwells and talking about nothing with people that become your best friends. I think it was my into in my second year and we were talking about. I was trying to get auditions and i would every wednesday. I would go down to this new stint on gayley avenue and get backstage west. Oh oh yeah which is now. I think only online right yeah. I always felt like i was participating in. Someone's murder plot when i was submitting. I've i've met people in one bedroom. Apartments roles one hundred percent..

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