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The life death and funeral of bobby kennedy not be idealized death beyond what he wasn't life the funeral took place on june eighth nineteen sixty eight at saint patrick's cathedral the youngest and only surviving kennedy brother ted delivered the eulogy be remembered simply as a good a decent man saw wrong and tried to write it saw suffering and tried to heal it saw war and tried to stop it in the midst of the roiling nineteen sixties with the vietnam war civil rights movement and in the wake of the assassination of so many of our leaders including malcolm x martin luther king and his own brother jack robert f kennedy was running for president but we need in the united states it's not division but we need in the united states is not hatred but we need in the united states is not violence and lawlessness but his love and wisdom and compassion toward one another feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country whether they be white whether they be black don porter is a documentary filmmaker and she has a new four part series for net flicks bobby kennedy for president she says he became important to people from many different walks of life including my own family i mean my grandmother has a picture of the kennedy brothers on her wall you know and i always grew up with that understanding that the kennedys were very very important to black people and in making the series you see bobby kennedy's evolution he didn't come fully formed as a civil rights champion that had to emerge over time and that's what this series explores and he really is sort of a shakespearean character he makes this remarkable transition in a really short life span and african americans many are suspicious of him at i say more about that with good reason you know bobby kennedy during his attorney general years authorizes as the surveillance tapes of martin luther king the.

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