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Hey guys bradley here with my good friend doctor scott chandler family dentist repay doctor scott they bradley so back to school season is just around the corner i know it's time to get kids back interceded dentist before school starts yeah it's time to get the kids and get all the necessary work done you know whether it's cleaning skilling's are the older kids maybe getting the wisdom teeth out to get that all done before schools dart so they're ready to go and will have a great school year and then parents once starts can go ahead and take care of themselves yes no more delaying that during the summer the busy summer months they can get there needed work in calling him things done and then their mouth's can be healthy great to sounds great wrap up your summer and get ready for the fall by calling family dentist redid a one eight hundred six my eighteen or had to the website picks nineteenth dot us and don't forget just like doctor scott starter rachel always says if you not see my dad play cnn again with take katie because they're the only ones ryan julio here i david was as he from first sack pretty marr gates david tell us what's going on in the house the market right now and mardi jets what it is just crazy busy sprained sprung early this year people one out shopping in february and march we just didn't have a nice now so they went out shopping and it's created so much demand it's just exciting there are david roger advice to people were looking to buy a home in right now my advice is you meet with me or one of my team members we get to pre approved ready to go shopping so when you find out house and those offers are coming in on the same day you are ready to put your offer and that means so much because i've had multiple offers and have tom's that i've sold i picked the one that my realistic aged tells me isn't the bass position to close on time that got the best financial background and now thomas that he needed now coffers stacked with good today and make sure you are getting pre approved by holmes and sounds this spring at six one two eight six eight six nine six they are visit my track one of seven one taping key word david he lets journey back and trying to get this didn't have it does that mean for recall hours ago didn't guess that it's been heard like our repeated for that and mode jay replay how might not one of seven one my top one of seven one she's talk radio just that kind of talk radio no yelling and screaming atlanta mike one of seven one every game entertainment chinese when sign in.

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