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One week one week because when the combine rolls around you're already itching fort off for valentine's day yeah you need that one sunday where you're like oh i can just chill out here's what they should do skit rescheduled allentown football's very hard rescheduled valentine's day for the sunday after the super bowl so you can have your one day with the family and then bam right back into football holiday family day family family days random sunday my other hot seat is facebook so mark zuckerberg's in trouble the the government of england i guess the king the king is mad at mark and prince harry prince harry and prince albert very mad at mark zuckerberg because of some stuff that happened during the two thousand sixteen election and they are threatening him with all these like they're they're basically threatened to prosecute them can you do that he can he lives in america if you're a king you can do whatever you want okay my understanding of it but everybody's they're reacting to facebook playing fast and loose with your data by just basically saying fuck you you gave us all this information and now a lot of people are starting to delete facebook which i haven't use facebook in forever couple years four four billion dollars lost that's bad for me loss like four of his eighty billion dollars that's very very set lots of your radical to yeah he should just mark zuckerberg little pr one one few just you can make it all right just throw a bunch of like earl grey tea ads on facebook just throw him in there you go king that's yeah that's not a bad idea so if they wanna make it look like they're not wildly successful they should just have really really low rent advertisements over facebook divorce attorney know where you can go for attorneys strip club hey mark you need a couple programmers that know how to put together a website real quick you have josh allen if if the call.

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