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I got a chance to meet Andre the giant at center stage in Atlanta before you know, me dad, Andre was kind of on his way down. He was on crutches discount after that back surgery that it had and all the issues that who's having from a medical standpoint. And it was it was it was a goal in a dream of mine to meet Andre the giant. So I'll probably have put him at the top of that list. Well, thank you. Thank you. All right. You guys Steve Austin what's happening team. Kevin from New York. Kevin from New York. What's the word? Yeah. Do you have any heated that one when you know since he got you neck injured, then he never called to say or something man, bygones are bygones, I was lone time ago. And you know, sadly, Owen is no longer with us tragic accident that he had there in Kansas City at Kemper arena. You know, did I feel some animosity for a while? Yes, sir did. And that's just the way it is. But you know, things happen in ring things happen in life. You can get mad at things for a little bit. But after enough time has gone by just gotta let things ride and move on down the road. And I moved on down the road yet. Thank you. I appreciate your time. You got it. I just Devaux st- and coming back edgy. I tell you what it's been a good session two questions. And I appreciate you folks collar. In pre she sport on this show ever since his show's been on air. It's kind of been a combination of a lot of things, and I still continue to not want to define this show or put it in a box. Follow any set protocols. Sometimes it's interviews sometimes it's horsh shit. Sometimes it's being in Mexico without any internet. And you gotta make up a bunch of goddamn stuff about flies, and wrestling flies and all kinds of horse shit. But it is what it is. And I enjoy doing the Steve Austin show. I appreciate all the feedback. You guys been giving me you could send in your feedback any kind of questions it account remarks. You got two questions as Steve Austin, show dot com. Appreciate everybody listening to the show. I did this show for you. And as a way to say, thank you very much. I'm saying thank.

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