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Does own one hundred percent of her competence amazing that's now worth eight hundred million it's amazing yeah so anyway i would like myself to be on the cover i'd like people to argue if it was self made because i had a radio show okay joaquin phoenix keen to shoot a joker standalone movie this fall warner brothers has given the goahead to a joker origin film so how did the joker joker oh we don't care okay because there's going to be two jokers because jared leto we'll have his joker move from the suicide squad and then he's doing a standalone himself martinez during another joker thing our people i feel i says geist of super marvel fabulous hero movies is over he's hit clown prince of crime yeah okay i'm done in no one and to try to follow and heath ledgers footsteps as the joker because no one was more brilliant than keith ledger in that batman meets heath then yeah you know yeah you know he's better in that last batman movie why bother i don't know i don't really i don't like yesterday we learned about star wars nine serious serious get a life gave us i love it when you get on your soap yes title carry the joker this celebrities hairstylist make a prediction yeah i think that shows that is going to be a hot no i'm gonna make a prediction about entertainment you know actors have made an exorbitant amount of money than other people insane athletes you know they've made in it's it's capitalism it's everything but they've made so much more money than the rest of the people the workers that i think with the competition in entertainment from video games from other things from blah blah blah blah blah i feel like they're they're gonna be they're not going to be getting those big i just feel like something's going to happen to their money structure i don't you don't know nolan ryan try and get the balance between in corporate america we'll workers make him what people because the amount of wealth it's now owned by a small percentage of people it seventy five that's up in to rant that i don't know i'm holding the ramp okay you know what it is that you're trying to pretend just going to say because member when jim carey got paid twenty million dollars for a movie okay people will still get paid these kinds of salaries depends on who they are and then the person always changes no one ever stays at the men or twenty million dollar salary range nobody you can never yeah but let's get them to pay for their clothes when they walk the red carpet here i wanna see you getting a rant about this someone who styles the kardashians now and again is added a pet shampoo to her product she's smart yeah is it dogs are the new people why twenty eight dollars eight dollars remembering dog's going to smell like lemon zest and bulga vini ours i don't think it's the kardashians is dog i don't get the connection with dog shampoo to the kurdish okay people buy anything for the pats sorry you think he'll be ordering soon as it's available all right but she doesn't want to pay anybody twenty million dollars i don't hi i'm katie johnson i'm amy music of rematch result and together we make the no place like home team we have thirty plus years of combined experience in the twin cities real estate market we truly love what we do and we do it while we are dedicated to listening to our clients needs and doing everything in our power to make the process is enjoyable and seamless as possible we are here to talk to you about today's market we have learned every market has its niche and it's a great time for the move up buyer if you're living in your first home and it's time to consider getting the home that has everything you want now is your time why well we have a shortage of starter home inventory and a lot of buyers are just waiting for your home and you as a buyer we'll have more options and interest rates are still at all time lows even if this is the first time you've thought about this.

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