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And f s one one hour from now where Colin was right where Colin was wrong, plenty of bolt in a wild NFL weekend. Jamie Maggio is joining me today. Then I'm gonna go skiing, Jamie. Great to see you. How are you? I'm good. I'm not going skiing because last time I did that. I tore my ACL. Oh, don't ski. So you east key for both of us taking the kid skin. All right. It is great to be here. I'm happy to be here. I love to be here today. This is usually a vacation week. And I said now I'm coming work in money. There's too much to talk about. And so we have a completely packed show today. Thank you so much as yen rap Gibson, the next couple of hours for joining us today on f s one I just want to say this to start Greg. Game last night. Great games yesterday. But you do get Russell Wilson was better than Patrick Mahomes last night and Mahomes will win the MVP in Russell Wilson. Did not make the Pro Bowl. Aaron Rodgers did. And Russell Wilson beat Aaron Rodgers this year had had to Russell Wilson. Didn't just win last night. He out Mahomed home. The biggest scramble of the night. That was Russell the biggest thrill of the night. All that was Russell with less surrounding talent. He had significantly more. First downs was better on third down was more accurate as a thrower average over a yard more per pass and dominated time of possession. But the media is so desperate to define the new shiny toy that they overlook LeBron when it comes to MVP and give it to the flashy guard, they overlooked the great players right in front of a Mike. Russell wilson. It's the new guy who doesn't look when he throws for the record. If you're going to be MVP. I think you have to win one of the four biggest games this year and Mahomes now over four and this is not criticizing him as a player. It's not all his fault. But Goth Brady rivers and Wilson. On a Sunday night a Monday night Thursday night. And again, Sunday night, stand alone games all of them Goff. Brady. Rivers Wilson were the better quarterback at the end of those games. More decisive made the big throw made the big decision. All four were better. Not saying Mahomes is an amazing fun clever. Congrats to the chiefs you found your dude. He is awesome. I love watching him play. But Owen four and the four biggest games of the year. Should not be MVP. All NFL games are not equal. That's why they give the Heisman to the quarterback who plays. Great in the biggest games to in Alabama dominated citadel struggled against Georgia and didn't win. I don't care. What you do in September. You know, a team that struggles in September every year New England this league is about post thanksgiving. It's about standalone primetime games Kerr. Cousins is great on that one o'clock window. He and Andy Dalton can't win primetime games. And that's why fans criticize him. I'm not blaming Mahomes for anything. He's fantastic. He's a great kid. He's got a great story. I am rooting for him. I love Andy Reid. The chiefs will make the playoffs. Hey, I said, I think they have a chance probably get to the AFC championship. But you do get last night the guy with the defensive head coach with less surrounding talent was the better quarterback. Chris Collins worth who loves Mahomes. I mean, he loves Mahomes it mid late that Mahomes was the second best quarterback on the field. Second down twelve Lawson going further. On your. Russell Wilson is the best deep ball thrower in the game right now. And the reason look at the height he gets on his football. He's gonna throw it straight up in the air and as a receiver. What happens is it comes straight down. So even though the defense is right there. It gives you a chance to pin him on your back. Extend your arms and make the play. If that ball comes in and a low trajectory, you can't do that. That is a benign little throw you want to add a name to the list and conversation throw in Russell Wilson. He's been dad. Good tonight. Yeah. Except he's been here. A while. So he didn't make the Pro Bowl and Mahomes is the shiny new toy. And he'll be the MVP. We always get lost in volume buffets..

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