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The region this one could dump of foot or more of snow on parts of the state almost forty three thousand people still have no power from our weekend nor'easter almost half of them are national grid customers vice president for emergency planning might mcmalan macallen says they have made progress though allott your work committed took tomorrow to be back on uh for the majority of the customers there are going to be customers there are going to be able to cut get service tomorrow for a variety of reasons might be a service pulled off their house or might be even more extensive damage than we realise the frustration though was boiling over for those stillflooded on the northshore wbz's bernice core pools tells us some inland properties within the hot have become tiny island ford road that a section of fox hill road remain underwater days after the storm began we have water from property now kip west lives on fox hill road but his house is now an island surrounded by water it's the ocean in front of houses now it's been stressful um we're dealing with it uh the town is bid a little bit slow to react but the pumping all this out so slowly uh the water is receding but it's hundreds of thousands of gallons of water any he hopes more pumps could be deployed here so the water will be gone before the next storm in hunt bernie scorpio's wbz newsradio 1030 on the south shore nor well is slow to get the power back more than half that town is still in the dark wbz's lana jones tells us residents there seemed to have weathered the storm fairly well david has been layering by help shore jaspen packing on coats and paths and acid has been stores open would have you got a generator here we had but now the regular power is back and this customer was making another quick stop at the nor will general store on the way home now it's been it's he kind of go with the flow i thank you now take had been cold and you have him i was little call we spend one night in a hotel but we're back on now so also good just in time for the next storm in well lanna jones wbz news radio 1030 wbz news time is six o two and again another storm is.

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