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He he he a lot of Meryl's excitement as he realizes what is happening there and I just I just sort of think I'm one of the bears are gonna sign a Corey Clement soccer match a burden you might as well that I do love Meryl's excitement it was one of those play I remember watching it and it happened in a work so well you kind of look around the league was that legal right like where they are they allowed to just score that easily by flipping the ball over the place like that and they were and they did and you know I often think back to the play and and they love the game was such a while back and force you out any way that the knows what happened from there that play that was the one where it hit me in that game in particular the eagles are going away in this game like it are they gonna lose Tom Brady bill Belichick maybe is it an issue that they lose at the end maybe that's what Tom Brady usually does but that was the moment it's like they're not going away that they're they're racking up points to the to the to the level where they're gonna be in this like that was the moment Tucker I realize they're on the path to score a bunch of points it even if they lose their going down with a significant fight in this game yeah we talked last night a lot about Doug Pederson Carson Wentz's rookie year were basically everything he did in theory was gray may not have always worked in practice and did see him be that aggressive on on that stage right it was it was a play Colorado like what are you doing like you you're already out take the field goal going to halftime and for Doug to be that aggressive and he's remained that aggressive it it bodes well not only for the eagles future but just what they've done has been so important said said Doug Pederson's aggressiveness it has and that that's been their calling card and that Philly special set the tone for the rest of that Super Bowl all right our next one here and this is my favorite underrated Nick Foles game one that I don't think it's talk about enough I I throughout the video but this morning on Twitter two thousand eighteen would this be week sixteen of the season the eagles still made a lot of help with this like the day before Christmas Eve I believe I think you're right at one o'clock Sunday game here at the link the Texans I think I'd won nine straight games they were intended for entering the game they were on a roll Houston was and they were a win away from clinching division good team to Shawn Watson they Clowney who may play a role in this game what I mean they were loaded and the eagles are coming off the win in Los Angeles against the rams the fall you know the card she gets hurt in the cowboy game they lose they go out to Los Angeles and I think they were like thirteen point underdogs the rams they win that game and I think at that point but when they won the ram game it's almost like it all here is like I guess they're not dead yet like they can still make the playoff they need a lot to go their way they need to win out the need to beat the taxes have to go to Washington beat the Redskins but they've got a shot but the Texan game was going to be the hardest part of the whole thing because Houston was really good it was a shoot out Nick Foles threw for four hundred and seventy four yards thirty five of forty nine and this pass is one of the prettiest deep balls you'll ever see Nick Foles to Nelson Agholor.

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