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A heart shaped box of chocolates. 80% say they'd rather have a gift that represents their preferences rather than one that costs a lot of money forecast For today. Partly cloudy highs around 52. Right now it's 25 degrees in Laurel, and this is 97.1 Wash it, then you just got to be in Chile's top stories. Next, you'll hear Pauline's Crazy first date story. She's from D. C. Crazy first date with a guy who kept playing games with her during a blizzard. So did the heat things up for No. She's spilling the tea. Next with another crazy first date story. You can't mess on Lee on 97.1 Wash up them so hangouts I used to believe They were burning on the add something beautiful. So beautiful selling a drink. Smoking me risky persuading. No America America the darkest of days having heartbreak Way to go. Never let me spit. Hello by driving? Yeah, Heaven nine. Never let you go. Never let me down. Don't give up. No, I won't give up. No, no, no. Let me love you. You don't together, will you? Huh? What do you say way worse? Ahead of us. Me is ever wagon ain't no good enough good enough. The darkest of days, having heartbreak away political Never let me die Spirit by timing. Yes, every night never let you never let me down. Don't give up now. I will give up. Don't you love you don't together won't give up. You love you. You don't give up. No, I won't give up. I love you, baby. You don't you give up on e. I won't give up on love. Let me love you. Happy. Love you Some songs hit you in the feels every time you hear them 97.1, Wash F M. Schools. My twin Shit. Yeah, just sex. You see where he's going? Scared. Stop, please. Nice. Everywhere say stuff for me. Please..

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