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Even your soundly win so she starts i trey benji lines i do want to say though before during the storm down drouin does like incentive bitch sonia was like when when ramon was like say you're sorry you're sorry so when he goes well i am sorry that she's acting like this not help the situation oh my god the siddeley wins like there's not a mean bone look she got lipstick on my kashmir my sobbing she's like a broken cobblestone on a rainy day i mean i'm not even sure there are bones body i think she's just one piece of gelatinous goo that's being held together but some belts in a spender basically all of her all this leftovers kale she's kale innards have you ever seen kale once it's been turned into a drink she's basically a smoothie in cartilage warm she's still a good person and during this like you're wrong about that one and then she just pointed the sky as one of my favorite to random moves when she's really mad she just starts pointing at the sky like until just sky until two can get my class shaped like a balloon and i was telling him the children richard silty so we can actually get damian they can we just be friends club to make it nice weather so then lou louisiana ramona just like durant durant you just have to understand get derailed that you have to understand sonia bids in the path you're sonia lives in the past that's just what she does she lives in the past and drained of course is not having it and then ramona goes she goes let's face it i'm freaked.

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