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Okay let's fill in that blank that's a bummer especially because bradley didn't weren't you already like prefer all right let's do one more one more confirmed blind i no fun never just going to focus on one person in this blind item even though it involves to people because i don't think the second person will be top of mind at all okay however we will have to think about a foreign born permanent alist model a foreign born permanent a list model here's your blind item from crazy days and nights dot net this foreign born permanent alice model should know if you hook up with a married man for money you need to be discreet she wasn't the wife of the married man found out and then he had some scrambling to do which made our model look bad in public ooh foreign born model herman at a list she is a supermodel no that'd be haiti clem we only know it reminds you know this one share arena svetla sky this woman is notorious for her temper naomi campbell oh the intrigue damien.

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