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Award g and maki much appreciated tax deductible donation this production was funded in part by the open society foundation the law society association a blade of grass the national science foundation and bite you our listeners life of the law is part of panoply the podcast network from slate that connects sophisticated listeners with top publishers and thinkers visit www dot panoply dot f m to see their full roster of shows a very special thanks to greg ask rich one haines nigel lewis scott research on thomas and tommy win free for their months of work coproducing the event inside san quentin prison thank you also to ordinary ron davis chief deputy warden kelly mitchell lieutenant sam robinson rafael kasali steve emmerick in father george williams of the san quentin catholic chapel for their support next on life of the law part one of a mini series looking at the possibility of pursuing justice for war crimes set in uganda and in the context of the lord's resistance army we hope you'll listen this is tony gannon senior producer of life of the law thank you for listening this song is that it can to where everybody incarcerated everybody that the world la the government preston of paper suit shag alone gloria goes looking out the one the bush not cut the trains logos you know what california state chapel with the evidence make the jury elite chums articles pain up with difficult you don't believe the high paint side conviction the a coach in the witnesses which testimony up you stuck the 'gang gets murder was the case that they gave me no johnny cochran between team save me when someone me asking god from you mr floatie has fallen down the face of study in switch praying for the man most slide finished tragedy praying for my son growing up without his daddy they say that god's talks to was in our dreams when a obliged trying to figure out what it means freedom tremont bomb away to freedom i had a dream mock mom away to freedom i had a dream on mom away two free.

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