Robert E Lee, Ford, Lincoln discussed on Dennis Prager


Have to tell you dennis i don't know the reason is because the man was such a tight lipped closed mouth politician he never gave away the details of what his plans were in the last speech that he gave his life you said i have a new approach that i'm going to be recommending to the southern states this is on april eleventh two days for the surrender of robert e lee he never articulates what it is and then of course three days later he is shot at ford's theatre by john wilkes booth and we never do find out what that plan would have been i have to say this though the even if lincoln had lived he would probably only have been in office until march of eighteen sixtynine because that would have taken them to the end of his second term and unless he jumped the rule all the unwritten rule at that point about limiting institute terms he would have been out of office after march of eighteen sixty nine that's not a whole lot of time who would have succeeded in an open election oh without question ulysses grant would have been his successor who wouldn't be we all know he would have been utility there was in grants administrations as president how much what how much futility there but he was a good guy he was he was well intentioned his problem was that he didn't really have a clear playbook for how to do reconstruction he reacted the situations he reacted to the klux klan he reacted to the murders of black voters in the south but he didn't get proactive about it.

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