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Never mind that I can. Play you the actual sound? This is what he had to say Holloway's coach about a possible rematch. If I had to pick max Holloway versus McGregor today. I would take max Holloway Holloway has grown leaps and bounds since then he has grown leaps and bounds. So in my opinion Holloway without punch him here at work him do very much what Diaz did but more. So very matter of fact that he's a very different fighter now than he was then and he's much better. And he could do a Diaz did and more. And he added more. I think I think McGregor got away with a lot of stuff like the lakes against the as I don't think you'll have that against Holloway. Right. And Furthermore, he made the argument that they fought at one forty five if they fought one forty five or one fifty five Holloway would win six or seven times out of ten that's what hallways coach for us is saying you ask me. If you're going to run up on Conor McGregor and talk that kind of junk if you're going to bash Conor McGregor anywhere. He's going to hear about it. It's gonna work its way back to him and he'll have response. And it doesn't matter. If you live streaming it on YouTube, or if you whispering it to somebody or he sat out in the middle of forest, if you think it, even if you think it is gonna hear it mcgregor's can know about it. And then it's only a matter of time when he responds not if he will respond, but a matter of time, and then how he will respond and sure enough he did respond with a couple of amazing tweets, here's tweet number one. Hey, Farrah's young man afraid to get in and fight himself. Stop talking about me. Like, you know, me you Torp what age why are you not in their yourself? Are you not up to it? You rent dorms and hit a clock for a living. Shut your pie kid. That's the first week. I mean, there's so much unpack in that tweet. It's so beautiful. But then the second tweet he chased that tweet with this quote all these young mouthy clock hitters. Stay ready. Knock dedicate the rest of the show to those tweets. I still might not be able to unpack all the glory in those tweets. Let me do my very best you quickly first off. There's the challenge to get in the cage yourself stop coaching and start fighting that whole point. And then he chases that with you Torp..

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