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Alzheimer discussed on Fresh Air



The evidence for these memory games and he's brain training games is it is very conflicting there is some evidence for its uh but the trial the trials and not port the problem is the trials in a big enough sophisticated enough and they have been replicated enough for us to say definitively if you engage in this memory game you will significantly increase your memory and loss of researchers think that actually you know your your trading son pulse of the brain and you'll you'll because you're getting through to the game itself as opposed to increasing the capacity and the ability of your memory in a in a global sense and so it's it's an ongoing air research it's just it's something that we there is evidence for and again i would sunny still encourage people to add to do these things because c training your brain and remaining monthly engage an active in as many ways you can is good for the brain but we still don't know for sure whether or not these having a significant effect everybody who reaches a certain age and start losing some of the memory things like omega i am i getting alzheimer's and let everybody always says is if you lose your keys you're just being forgetful if you forget what your keys are four then you're starting to have dementia as that a helpful way of looking at at uh i think that's a very helpful way of looking at it because it helps to distinguish between just normal everyday for guessing on something that is potentially a bit more sinister so as you said you noted losing aquis if it gets and we put a gloss is completely normal it's it but it when you find your gloss no keys and you think what are these four that's the sign that there's something else going on that it's not just the match.

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Alzheimer discussed on Fresh Air

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