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Founded by a former SpaceX engineer could be moving into the Cape Canaveral. Spaceport firefly aerospace rocket company on the leading edge of designing low cost ways to get people into space. The fifty two million dollar project revealed by the state space agency last year, but officials have been tight-lipped about the details. Firefly aims to have their first flight in December. When they want to launch a twenty two hundred pound Brockett into low earth orbit in Orlando medical professional who works with children facing child pornography charges this afternoon, the respiratory therapist at adva-. And health hospital rested this week for sending child porn images to an undercover FBI agent over the last three months, the hospital says they've placed the employees on paid leave and Orlando police now have the truck they believe hit and killed a man last night on the four zero eight you may have been tied up in the traffic OPD confirming they have the Ford F one fifty reportedly seen by witnesses hitting that pedestrian, but they haven't said anything else about the investigation. The man was hit on the ramp. From crystal lake drive onto the four eight eastbound around seven thirty last night, the man whose name has not been released died at the hospital. Investigators haven't said whether they found the person believed to be behind the wheel of the truck that person facing hit and run charges. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO to people a dead, including the gunman a third person injured at an Alabama ihop Huntsville police a dispute between an employee there in a customer led to the shooting because tumor. The started with a customer came in for service to here and was upset about something walked out.

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