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Mean if you don't have that attitude. I don't know why even in the business so alice. Let's talk with the time that we have a little bit about this record. I know that you you know this is near and dear to you. The story line detroit stories the guests that you brought into it some with detroit roots and histories and some not like a guy that's actually gonna be on with me tomorrow. Joe bottom masa who guests on this record in upstate. New york guy. I know joe quite well. So how did how did you end up. Bringing bottom masa into this and making him an honorary detroit guy. That's exactly what we did. You know there were I met joe if he came to one of the solid rock. Christmas shows any played with the original bat. And it was really kind of touching to me where we're on stage rehearsing. And he goes on a little nervous. And i go about what he says. I'm playing with gender stone away. And neil smith's and mike bruce unplanned with the original l. cooper bed and i kinda what what would you be nervous about that. But then you realize that's his history. I would be nervous if somebody says okay. You're gonna sing with the yardbirds or you're going to sing with the who you know i would go. Wow i'm nervous. You know because those are the guys that taught me but at the same time. He's a real. He's a real student of that era. You know of that era of Guitar rock music and and and we just said that we had to do a blue song on the album. Because we're trying to represent all of detroit. We did a molchan song thousand dollar shoes which i brought in horns and girls and the whole thing to make it at one. Yeah that's a. that's a fun song. And then. I said we gotta do a blue song. Because there's still people living under bridges in detroit like every other city and there's a love affair going on into their this just as valid as romeo and juliet. This guy lives in this box and that girl lives in that box and he's tried to take them over to my box. You know because with you. And it's a blue song. So i said well who better than steve. Hunter and joe bona masa. You know. I mean you can't get much better than that and that and now did give myself a guilty pleasure a to play harmonica Harp on that. So and what about the decision to open the record with the song written by lou reed You open the record with rock and roll and talk a little bit about that. Because lou obviously acquitted quintessential new york guy. But he's you know he's got the opening track on the record. One of the few covers on the record to well. Wasn't you know the thing is is. I knew back in chelsea hotels days in new york. City velvet underground. We knew though those guys there they all they did that. Version that song in a sort of nineteen seventy new. York heroin chic. You know underground thing. So it's like janet would just is do nothing going on it all that worked so well for that band right. Bob and i said what if we took that song to detroit put a v eight engine in it up the horsepower and made it into a just a munster rocker at end. Lou would not have minded me changing new york to detroit. The detroit station sounded just as good as new york station. And it may be might have been more valid to be honest with you. Because you know hard rock's pretty much detroit. And i i know kim newly unbear- pretty well. He would not have minded. That and laurie anderson loved it. She thought it was a really she. Said lewis loved us version. It's a great opening track and it's a great rocker on the record again. The album's out now folks detroit stories from alice cooper. I also want to ask you about a track on it. And i'm sure it sounds to me like you had a lot of fun doing this record with bob because even when i go through it and i've got the cd. Which is my favorite thing to have still. And i'm going through the booklet and reading all the different people that are on the different tracks. It sounds like you got to really just spread out and do some different things here and one of the tracks. When i listened to it that jumped out at me. Vocally for you. That really i thought was different was our love will change the world talk a little bit about that because i didn't think that was you singing on that for a second let. It was one of those songs. It was a punk band from detroit outrageous cherry and i said we got we have to represent that too and we heard that song. I couldn't get it out of my head. I could not get that melody out of my head because what it reminded me of those. It's getting bad or all the time I used to be bad. Must school really happy song really happy. And then the lyrics are totally subversive. The lyrics is is like the children of the damned singing to us and they're singing and they're going if you could just kind of get out of our way you know. Our love will change the world. You'll get used to it. you know. Somehow you'll get very throwaway. You know and i loved the idea. The juxtaposition of these really kind of snotty new kids telling us to get out of the way you know because their love is gonna chase in a to me. It was a comical song. I thought you know But vocal on that. Yeah i could do. I do beatles stuff you know i mean i i attract new album i did. Eleanor rigby and a The movie sergeant pepper. I did because the john lennon kind of sun. But i loved the idea that we were representing. Also that one thousand nine hundred nineties punk pop thing that was going on in detroit also. So you've got hardrock you've got motown you've got blues. You've got punk. You've got specially hard rock. That's that's actually. The the point of the spear there is is Is hard rock guitar. Driven hard rock. But that's all i know it. Everybody talks about that song sometimes. I say there's always one son album that doesn't belong. Played like crazy. England business loved that song. Was there ever again. Because it. And i'm sure you had fun doing this with with the original guys in the different people in the mix of other people's material in your own material and all that but was there ever a time where you said or bob said. I don't know if we should do that or we go down that road because that's not necessarily alice. Where wherever concerned about that. Well you know. We talked about that at the same time. I said you know all we need is alice doing his. Take on it. Alice's take on a blue song. It would be different than paul. Butterfield's you know might take on a on a on any of these songs song. A punk song would even though. I kind of feel comfortable doing that song. gomez you know telling a story I just feel when you. So alison there. He's a bit of a mimic. You know he can. He can do all of that stuff in his own sense of humor and his own sense of irony so i didn't know we didn't really think we going in any direction that wasn't really asked. Maybe our change. The world was one that we thought about this sticks out like a sore thumb. Good leave it on..

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