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Fox already has says she's unqualified and it's racist She's black Right Oh because she called Trump a king or something like that No just any black lady is racist Oh clearly Yes Right They already preemptively struck yesterday So Ronald Reagan saying that he would nominate a woman Right Right He's not sexist And this is affirmative action I see Got it Okay Minutes after the news broke which by the way it broke at the very end of our show but we didn't trust it Well yes Okay yes it broke with like 30 seconds Not even Like 20 seconds to spare and I did not have enough time to fact check it At the very end of the show yesterday You were like breaking news never mind Never mind Yeah Up against the heartbreak All right See we should have just gone with it All right Minutes after the news broke that Steven breyer will be retiring Harris faulkner's outnumbered on Fox News quickly turned to outrage over President Biden's place To the point of black woman there is already gnashing of teeth at rending of Fox Black woman upset about a black woman being put on spring Right right John the only on Fox Jonathan turley compared Biden's pledge to college emissions and tried to argue the picking a black woman would be unconstitutional under any other circumstance What He said the president is going to have to decide if he intends to fulfill a praise of the court would never allow if he was actually admitting someone into college Right but he's not And as Chris said Ronald Reagan did the same thing when he said I'm going to report a woman And then he did Right Faulkner replied Jonathan turley what you're talking about is discrimination Then tell me Tammy Tonight Lauren Right Said she hopes Biden has a better choice in mind than a black woman She said we saw how well that worked out with Kamala Harris I'm sorry What But here's hoping he has a better choice in mind for this position After asking if adding a black woman to the bench could further defied the nation faulkner pivoted to speculation that Biden would nominate Harris We see you we see you try to marginalize the vice president that she can never run for president Yeah Okay I get we see you We desperately want him to nominate Kamala Harris Yes yes Yeah I mean how disrespectful to her Yes Yes let's give her to motion because I mean they're obviously terrified of her because you are seeing like all of the racism that Obama got in all of the sexism and Hillary got Did you see what Bill crystal said yesterday No Oh God He said the Biden should nominate Kamala to be the Supreme Court Justice And then bring mit on as his vice president for the ultimate unity No Yeah Absolutely He's a vice president We should have a Republican vice president The orgasm talking about it Oh my God All right we have our legal ad Harry littman coming up who he prepped justice breyer for a combination back in the day So he's a bit of a Supreme Court expert Yes And he does a lot of these justices that are potential Yeah they all seem Can I just say according to every legal expert they are all beyond Sterling records and qualified You can call me agis and sexist My favorite qualification is they're all younger than ACB Yes Okay I'm going to mispronounce her name already but yes what they're saying the FrontRunner is katangi Brown Yeah Nailed it That means she's gonna get it 'cause we're the chances on the first try Look at the find some of the more complicated names But you are correct She said the controversial thing in a ruling rate Lately the presidents are not kings Inferring that Trump thought he was a ruling against Trump Yes Why She once wrote presidents are not kings in a ruling against Trump She previously clerked for breyer and was confirmed to the D.C. circuit court Where's the lie in what she said Nothing Nothing An opinion in which she stated that former White House counsel Don McCann must cooperate with bob Mueller's investigation Stated simply the primary takeaway She said from the past 250 years of recorded American history is the.

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