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W M AL. Making sense of the news. All right, so listen to this headline right here. This is a doozy, if I've ever heard one, judge grant's accused capitol rioters request to attend the Pennsylvania renaissance fair, while on house arrest, Riley Williams 25 years old of Harrisburg will be allowed to attend the mannheim event for 8 hours on Sunday while on house arrest according to U.S. district judge that ruling came out earlier today. It seems. Now, what's interesting here, what I find interesting is that there's always been debate over what goes on at the renaissance fair. Obviously, people know what happens, but was Shakespeare, a renaissance person, or was he a medieval person, being that he was born towards the end of the renaissance period, and it was kind of just at its peak in England. So he was one of the first to bring the renaissance core values to theater, but he still kind of widely regarded as medieval and whatnot. So I don't know, the jury is out. And we're going to get to your calls. I promise. 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo. Let us go to Robert in South Carolina, Robert, welcome, you're on with rich Valdez. Oh, hello, mister Valdez. I just wanted to say that I lived in Europe about half of my adult life and my father's German, so I got to go to Germany quite a while from in Germany. I had a good friend over there who came over to America, you know, and so how we do things over here. And he was joking around and he couldn't believe that men and women don't go in the same shower room and don't take their clothes off in front of each other like because in Europe, they have their own saunas. And there are other two like, for example, you know, my mom was big in acting in theater and that kind of thing. She liked that kind of a thing. And I remember learning a lot about the theater under my mom's tutelage. And if I remember correctly, I think in old days, men would play women's parts and in the very old days, women weren't even in the theater, men play all the women's parts back in Shakespeare time if I remember correctly. And as far as armies are concerned, they say that some of the best armies in the ancient times were actually armies that were usually two gay guys fighting together to defend each other's lives with the best combination because they didn't have to worry about their wife and kids. Well, they would crawl over glass to save their partner. I think you see that loyalty with straight people too. But I know in modern day corporate America, there's there's been a push to hire gay men because many of them don't get married and many of them don't have children. And because of that, it makes them that much more reliable as an employee, at least this was what I was told by a company that kind of trended towards hiring gay men. It was a computer company out of New York. But interesting, your point, what I found interesting about your point was that and believe in Japan and maybe it wasn't Japan, but I think it is Japan where yeah, same thing, many of the actors are male and they'll play the female role. And this is part of their tradition of theater because they feel that that's what acting is all about and whoever can play the role best. And so in my brain, it kind of brings me to being younger and watching Robin Williams dominate as it misses doubtfire. You know, where this was just to me an excellent excellent acting, not because he was playing a woman but because he was playing a Scottish woman and he did it really, really well. So I appreciate your point at point while taking thank you very much. I appreciate that. Let us continue our trek across America from South Carolina to Ohio. Let's go to Paul. Hey, Paul, you're on with rich Valdez. Welcome. Good evening rich Valdez with an S yes, I had a MRI done. A year or two ago. They put headphones on me. Being music while I went through it and some goggles. So my experience wasn't too bad, but I'm just a small guy. So I wasn't too bad. But here is of late, I've been having a lot of pain in my right man booth for the lack of a better word. And I went and got one of those, yeah. I went and got one of those echocardiograms. They gave me an EKG in the doctor's office and then she said, I think you ought to go up to the what they call the sun center up here, I forget. But anyway, they did that and you know she put that liquid stuff on me and everything and checked all around from my heart checked out okay. Now I've got to go get a mammogram. Yeah. So now I gotta go get a mammogram. Yeah, because, you know, rich, it's been like four years. It's been hurting me, but here is of late, it's been hurting me really, really bad. So I hope it works out for you. I've never been through that, so I don't have any advice other than listen to your doctor and do what they tell you to do because, you know, you never know. You never know and you want to be careful out there. Thank you, Paul. I appreciate it. There's more to come straight ahead. We're going to get to the rest of your calls. We're going to go to Missouri, we're going to go to New York, and anybody else that's calling in before we wrap this thing up. Plus, I'm promise I'm now going to tell you what the national security threat with the Janet Jackson song is. As soon as we come back, I'm rich valve is in for bohannon. A football fans, Patrick

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