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Took play starting Michael, Jordan, Jordan. And sixty one points to tie, Elgin, Baylor all single playoff. Established against these Celtics, Jordan. Points looking at an all time record. Yes, dick Stockton. And Tom Heinsohn doing the oh, boy sixty three point still postseason record twenty two of forty one. From Michael Jordan, any dished out six assists in the remarkable part came in a loss. Sending back to set in Tokyo with terra Lawson here, Sean Kelly. That I want to start some argument here is still the greatest in my book, Michael Jordan. Hard to believe here has been over three decades dunno method, but how long it's been. Incredible. You look at the months of April may and June and childhood. That's what we did. We watch Michael Jordan's. Chicago Bulls in the playoffs. Six fifteen going and entertaining third quarter here in San Antonio Denver lead ball, sixty seventy one sixty nine mill set from the left way left baseline audits walls off pitches out to Murray, Florida shoe Murray, deep three silence. Wow. Jamal Murray backpedals at the other end and calm and Murray as seventeen the Lee now grows to five for the Doug. It's. Goodness, possession was in trouble. Steps out catches left at the top of the arc Roosevelt. Aldridge. Shoots. The face up short against Yokich rebound tap, the baht one by the nuggets and Murray will walk it up. Five and a half minutes ago. The third. I don't want to call it a Muslim. But it'd be pretty close to that. If you're on the vendor side bounce bass. Who is it with the right hand dunk? Wow. Builder's become the aggressor in game four seventy six sixty nine. Largest lead of the game for the nuggets Rosen walks over the top of the key those off the right side of the lane out to Forbes drives the lane by sin for floors. Houses down the floor trying to accept that outlet pass for Harris Harris, thanks to Murray since over Craig angler three got another one. Seventy nine seventy one Denver with four forty three left in the third quarter. Screen white picks. It up those offers top of the cues walks into his right has to Forbes jumped absolutely gate, the right side, break left hand dribble. Into the paint. Little push off shoots this the back rim. Rebound into the hands of Kerry, Harris the glass, nuggets thirty one thirty in that category Murray into the paint jump pass into a crowd y'all could found it and has filed stepping to the rim. Whistle stops play at four fifteen left in the third Hera free throws coming up for nickel. Yokich the NBA on.

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