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Dimitrius Johnson, Phoenix, Latin America discussed on The MMA Beat



Good fighters. They're all world-class, super towns to your point. It's store greatness in the case of Dimitrius Johnson, and you would lose that. But let's just be real about it. What division would you pick behind flyweight which if you had to between flyweight and bantamweight or flyweight in feather flyweight in light flyweight and welter flyweight middle, you'd pick all of them ahead a flyweight. That's just the reality of it. People have this weird thing where like, oh my God, so little, I beat him up. Dimitrius Johnson. The point the point is that there's this dumb ass perception that exists and it continues. You can make way more stars out of five than you ever will at once five and you're going to get some ridiculous, good talent. They're not not manufacturing something. So like I agree with you if you've got a good fight pallet one, twenty five is the bee's knees, but a lot of people don't. And this is a business to run one sixty. All right, go. We had that debate. All right. What about what about you? You love these questions. What is your favorite dipping sauce? That's a loaded question because dipping things. Things you gravitate to. Nacho cheese. I don't know. I'm trying to think like in terms of a good one. Good would be like a dipping sauce. Is that more of a spread fat. It's not a sauce. No. So you can't count dip, dip. Oh, what do you think? So you're Nacho cheese guy, right? Yeah, probably that. All right. What do you think Phoenix the things you like to dip can have talion? So olive oil is pretty much on everything. Era, I guess. The carves out there. Right? Yeah, that's a good one. All right. Olive oil marinara and then Nacho cheese. I'll go with. Pink sauce said very good, Latin America. This is the Colombian monstrosity that is ketchup and mayo put. Colombian food is it's amazing. It's amazing except for what he's talking about, which is our Bod try to catch up mail this way. Thank me later told them I'm telling the truth. It's also y'all severe. It could be a. Could be. It's delicious. But I mean there's trifling food. So many good things they put licence. Set-asides more for like I wouldn't have with it. It's more like fries and more and more junk food. See, I've never had. I've only had a hand it where they put it on fish. Catchup mustard. Put catch it mayo and then lime juice as the acid of all of that cooks, the fish, and then you eat it and they're out there. They love it. I've had better than this anyway. Only Columbia food. I don't like the only one..

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Dimitrius Johnson, Phoenix, Latin America discussed on The MMA Beat

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