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My ranking say. Waterbed also say that right now you might have a update later. I bet based on complete factual evidence right so we Obviously we we looked nowadays. Bet against jayson. Andy and i we. We did a deep dive. Deep dive yesterday in the office on kyle pits looking at what it would take to reproduce and get to a good enough value to be drafted in this range and we all know it would take the best rookie tight end season of all time but we wanted to know how much higher. How much better would it really take. It would be astronomically higher. I mean so much higher than any other rookie titan history. You're talking like here. And you're who you're talking about twenty five percent of the last rookie season ever if you add that onto the best rookie season ever then you get to. Where he's an acceptable picking this range. Whereas you're talking about tj buckets in. Who is the time. He was tied in four last year while being injured in dealing with Obviously the same poor team. He was one of five tight ends to have one hundred plus target. And now you got rid of marvin jones. You got rid of kennedy golladay. He is the number one target going into his third year. Tj hopkinson is going to break out this year whether or not. His breakout is worth the draft capital. I will say this if you are someone who hates streaming. Titans hates trying to figure out the match ups the plays that this and that then it is worth it for you to to to save your fab dollars to save. Your transaction counts through through the year if you're on a waiver priority system Then i think that is worth it. Because i i can't see him having fewer than one hundred twenty five targets and that's just enough volume if you're and a half pr pr league. Yeah i i don't think you're gonna see more of the same from hawkers in his last year matthew stafford we've talked a lot about him on the recent shows. He's a better quarterback injured. Jared goff And you know last year. I know he was banged. Up and hodgkinson's this valuable player in terms of downs and things like that but the reason why kyle pits more is. I see a thousand plus years for cockpits and his rookie season. You have the absence of target vacuum of julio jones you have a player that's essentially wide receiver. You have to think of cockpits as a wide receiver. We went back yesterday. Like you said i agree with everything that we were talking about yesterday. In terms of what the ceiling looks like calvin ridley's rookie season one hundred. Seventy five fantasy points. I think i call pits at one hundred seventy nine. But you've got to be in the to twenty plus range to be the kiddle kelsey difference maker for the team. That being said one thousand plus yards for kyle pits touchdown upside. I think you're going to get that. And i think your odds of touchdowns with matt ryan and that offense and what role he has to play there in camp coalpit says. Look the part. They're moving them around the formation. You cannot do those. Athletic things with tj hopkinson. You can't and you got seven hundred yards last year in. Sixteen games from tj hodkinson. That got you tight in for our more upside in the fifth round than teacher. Hawkins and sure but tj hogson is an extreme athlete. Like he was. Yes he's he is not kyle pets. I agree out-pizzas. He's carpets is the only one. Yeah he he breaks. He breaks the mould. But i mean if you're comparing hodkinson watch talking to the other top tier athletes. I'm just saying athletically. Speaking he's up there with you. Know your george kittles as a tight end. Yeah i mean six five almost two hundred fifty pounds and like food four seven forty to watch him for two years mike. Do you look at tj hopkinson. Two years teacher hopkinson and say he delivered on on the what you expected or was it less than you expected. It was just eyeballs. I think he delivered what i expected. And between the two. I i if i'm taking that tight end in the fifth round or the six round. Somehow they both happened to be there. I would go hopkinson of i side with jason. Believe hopkinson is going to be the number one target for for the detroit. Lions and i think that the upside is is there. I mean maybe you're not getting the splash plays like from kyle pits. But you won't see a splash play every single week. Meanwhile you should see seven plus targets for hopkinson every single week. Yeah his cat. His yards per catch is lower than all those athletic explosion tight ends. Yes so just one last point of clarity though if that's the normal like historical projection for all tight ends of all time. Is you get you you add to those things. So he's going into his third year. Which is the normal breakout year for tight ends. And that's where it's like. Yeah he has not been great yet but he was a rookie and he was a sophomore at a position. Where you don't usually do at that early. You do see splash plays early. You see them with mark andrews earlier george kettle earlier. No fan earlier. He has gone down in yards per catch over. The first two seasons had a lot of drops a lot of penalties lot of drops. That's a lot of a lot of issues way percent drop rate. My point is not that he can't. I mean it. It's a tough position to break out in detroit with a with a worst quarterback a different offensive system anthony. Lynn is your as your offensive coordinator. We don't see hodgkinson's upside the same. That's all and i look at. I don't look at him as the athletic upside that that a wide receiver kyle pits. Has they're not gonna play. Coal pits traditional tight. End off the block situation. They're going to run them all over the field and like that. Potential better yeah. I don't think we view his upside that differently. I think we view is down. Because i don't see him as getting into that. Kelsey gidel waller tear to be really really safe wide before Last year was about one hundred targets. I think that will go up to one hundred and thirty eight hundred four. Well we bet on it there. You go so we'll we'll settle it that way. Higby at seven head be as the tight end. I most likely to end up with on my team same He is drafted in the tenth round. He is a player that i think. Ironically you know matthew stafford coming over from detroit offers tremendous upside to. He has been a focal point of the offense for certain games in the past. When joel wasn't there and we didn't see average tied in play. We saw explosive tight in play. So this is the post hype sleeper of the year at the tight imposition position. I hope the draft. I don't think the draft price will go up. No because he's tyler higby disappointed people last year spending the league long enough. He's we we know his upside isn't going to be something You know astronomically high. His draft capital will be in the tenth round. And i absolutely love it. Because you you lost gerald everett. You lost josh reynolds. You brought in a better quarterback again. You lost camakers. Where i think you're going to have to throw the ball more higby could get it done and and i would much rather like again if lock it and hopkinson were there in the fifth. I would rather grab tyler higby late and start at wide receiver. You've seen the volume when gerald avid is out higby averages five targets a game. Which of course. I'd prefer more but that's solid and you have you have at least a proof of concept when you go back to the two years ago where the the the higby hype really started rolling. Because he was tyler higby where in in five straight weeks the tight end one three or a one five three nine one a he. He turned into this waiver. Pickup that saved people Over the final stretch of the season. So i'm i'm not overly bullish on tyler higby as much as you guys are but i think that he is he someone in the double digit rounds. That i believe can take that jump. So i'm perfectly fine drafting higby. What about robert tanya at eight right. Now he's eighth on our list He's of and around ahead of higby. It hasn't gone for a guy that finished tied in three they. Adp has gone insane. A lot of that's been suppressed by aaron rodgers. question marks through the off season. Do you think he'll end up on any of your rosters. Yeah i do..

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