Lane Kiffin, Quincy Neider discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


I i was fine for that so but the passwords we got lane kiffin out there who else have we got his nominees lane kiffin for some reason this got thrown into i don't know who do you not trust bomani at life like in sports you just like yeah lane kiffin is probably the number one i think that that wouldn't it that's pretty hard to be laying kiffin i'm trying to think who else is just like a full on snake in that way that he just like okay it's going to get up in your fitness and then you never know what's called the audacity though of the proud snake though don't you that sorta a it depends on what to naked is i i applaud the audacity of saying that you are if you are a snake part of why i love you guys so much the actual dean of snakes though my admitted yeah probably keeping is nothing like go read your emails they go to send emails from your account yeah yeah yeah yeah but i think late embraces it the way they're doing that is quincy neider doing that i feel like i feel like when it's come around over these that he's trying to be a better bad okay why do you feel i don't know why do you feel that yeah at the agency wonderful out there request site got all those miles on his face though man like you tell the did do into why.

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