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It isn't a Wednesday morning and we've got a windy. Blustery day ahead today with biting wind chills. Temperatures that are in the thirties and forties. Dow will fall as we move into this evening. And what are we going to face for the weekend? Dan has all the details. Coming up here in one minute. Good morning everyone. I'm Eric Scott. Welcome to Wednesday. It is the ninth day of January during an Oval Office address to the nation. President Trump made it clear he will not back down from his demand for border wall. Funding before the federal government can end a partial shutdown. We'll have the latest on that coming up in a minute. But first the Murphy administration reeling this morning from the latest revelations regarding how an accused rapist was hired for a high level position in the administration. Four people testified Tuesday before a special legislative committee investigating the hiring practices of the Murph. Via administration specifically on how person accused of rape kept his positions in the transition office. And then in the administration deputy chief cancel paramount guard says Katie Brennan, I told him the governor Phil Murphy's inaugural ball last January that she wanted to discuss a matter of serious wrongdoing by senior administration official. She changed your mind. Two days later in guard says he dropped the matter out of respect for his friends wishes a lawyer for the legislature, Michael Critchley says guard had a duty as a public official to keep enquiring. We didn't have any specific says to what that's serious wrongdoing might Intel. I know that's the problem. You have to find out because you have explosive words serious wrongdoing at the state house. Michael Simon's, New Jersey one zero one point five news lawmakers were stunned by what they were hearing from governor Murphy staff, they may broaden their investigation and at the same time another staffer has come forward with new allegations. We'll have more on both of those stories coming up in our next segment now at nj one five dot com. Five thirty two on New Jersey's.

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