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One in the bedroom watch TV and also and then glass flyin and now the rock the house good they're blocked the good I got two dogs and they just started running everywhere McKinney says the blast damaged his RV and blue part of his neighbor's garage under was front yard still closed as Clinton Keith road that's the big Boulevard behind the neighborhood where the explosion occurred the big immigration sweeps the Donald Trump said would start on Sunday didn't pan out as promised the president told reporters today that the ice rates were very successful but immigrant advocates in southern California say they still haven't seen any evidence of that the latest from KPCC is Leslie Barristan role Haas a rapid response network of immigrant advocates spent the weekend taking calls from immigrants wanting to know their rights and chasing down rumors but so far they say they haven't confirmed any more ice rest than usual but one thing is certain local immigrant communities remain on edge APC sees Leslie Bernstein role Haas mad brings us to KPCC sarin trank who says some local churches planned to stay ready if the immigration raids do come in a big way ten LA churches have publicly declared themselves open for sanctuary organizer Guillermo Thorez with clergy and lay the United for economic justice says that number will grow under these conditions are coming up for the first time correctly because I think the level of indignation of these policies has increased to level I have not seen before churches are sensitive locations under immigration and customs enforcement's policies places like schools are doctors offices where they won't conduct raids under normal circumstances the sanctuary movement began in the nineteen eighties to protect central American refugees fleeing conflict the church of the epiphany in Lincoln heights opened its doors back then and again this weekend but father time Kerry said nobody showed up we are still ready because even though the rates did not happen this weekend this could be that they are going to happen when they think are guardians I see said he plans to arrest and deport two thousand individuals in ten cities include LA who have court issued removal orders covering religion I'm Aaron shrank Calvert county prosecutors have asked a judge to hold the leader of a Mexican megachurch without bail on charges of child rape in human trafficking now sign walking Garcia the leader of la Luz del mondo is jailed on fifty million dollars bail prosecutors wanted high bail in part to make sure there see it could raise the bail amount from donations from church members and to make sure that he wouldn't flee the country if he did make bail Garcia's lawyers say he can make bail but we won't run if he does Chrissy has pleaded not guilty three women connected with the church are also charge the judge will rule tomorrow on whether to hold Garcia without bail under a new law signed by governor Gavin Newsom you'll soon be able to bring your own reusable containers to carry out your favorite food and beverage I'm a restaurant or a festival more now from KPCC is Jessica Flores the bill sponsored by assembly man David Chu of San Francisco is aimed at reducing those over feeling piles of trash that accumulate your food stalls at public events he says it's a problem for both the environment and public health there is tremendous plastic waste that is approved after concerts or festivals as well as outside of restaurants and we wanted to address all of that the new law allows consumers to get their orders filled in their own container you can also bring one to a restaurant for take out or left overs it's a welcome change the diners like Tonya Lewis settle a teacher in Pasadena police are not using styrofoam and tossing it in the trash and if my container so it makes it better the legislation is aimed at reducing single use plastic waste shine you the manager I talked to rhyme in Pasadena says he's open to it as long as it doesn't affect business and if we decide that a it it would be better for the overall experience we would absolutely support the law takes effect in January I'm Jessica Flores one eight comes up at eight o'clock it's time for the daily from The New York Times it's seven thirty five from the times on Michael this is this past immigration officials were scheduled to begin on lasting and deporting thousands of undocumented immigrants order to leave the United States what had remained anyway on forty east we spoke to one she was on.

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