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In mind to serve my country he was interrupted a thirty five times for applause in a thirty minute address and much of the address has to do with the importance of asia because part of his disagreement with the truman administration had been macarthur wanted to go wall in for victory in asia the truman administration worried with good reason the to do so would have exposed europe's to joseph stalin who is still very much alive and could have attacked europe but macarthur continued in his speech each and continued in what even his greatest critics would must acknowledge was a magnificent use of the language i had posted a poll while the new political decision essential tuition asian efforts have been made to distort my position it has been said in effect i was a warmonger nothing could be further from the truth i know war as few other men living nothing to me is more revolt i have long advocated complete abolition as it's very destructiveness on both brennan bowl has rendered useless as a means of settling international disputes and that drew resounding applause however macarthur's argument was that when war is forced upon us a different approach is necessary but won't war if washed upon us there is no other alternative andrew apply every available means bring it to a swift end wars very object is victory not prolonged indecision.

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