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I think there is something sort of intriguing about him, you know, especially if you're gonna to quarterback leaguer deeper league, you're looking around for kind of a warm body. Would qualify know AJ green yesterday yet another game with John Ross scoring a touchdown. He now as touchdown in three straight games. He's got twenty targets. The problem is is just seven catches in those three games. They know more than I think receiving yards. But if anybody is touchdown likely, it's the guy who was literally the fastest player in the history of the NFL combine so in a deeper league. Sure, John Ross on the waiver wire considerations, especially with no AJ green last week and potentially AJ green this week against the Broncos. The raiders they fall short against the ravens thirty four to seventeen is the final Doug Martin or the only player of note. I guess yesterday. It's sixteen fantasy points eleven fifty one and a touchdown. He's like a. Running back top twenty seven running back twenty five. I don't know why twenty seven is supposed to twenty five top twenty five running back week to week. You hope that he finds the end zone which not that often for raiders players. Jared cook did find the end zone as well. Just to catch us though for cook deeper leagues. Marcel eightman he had ten of the raiders thirty four targets deeper deeper league because the only three catches yesterday for the ravens. It's all about Lamar Jackson eleven Russia's seventy one yards and touchdown one hundred seventy eight passing yard touchdown there. Twenty point two fantasy points the second straight week for maybe there's some measures that say like it wasn't that great of a performance from the mar Jackson's eighth her and yet the floor is just that high. If we expect Joe flacco to be healthy enough to play soon. Do you think there's any way that the ravens go back to Joe flacco because if not Lamar Jackson who is hovering right around qualifications for the waiver wire column for this week would be a priority. Add if not the top at. Of the week. We've been saying for a while. I feel like I mean, I feel like we've certainly said this on the fantasy shows well that Lamar Jackson needs to be rostered one hundred leagues said that last week so that two weeks ago and to answer your specific question field. No. I mean, I feel like this is what we said last. This is what I said last week. You guys. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe what I said last week is some version of like Mike spectators that they beat the raiders and there two zero and then how you going to go away from him. And by the way, if they lose the raiders, then they basically drop out of the AFC playoff race. Because they're Pittsburgh's gonna win the division. My expectation was Pittsburgh was going to be Denver. But still my belief is that Steelers win this vision. So they're really just competing for that last AFC wildcard spot. And so so, yeah, I mean, my feeling is that I don't know how especially when you when you're thinking about Joe flacco contract situation. They used a first round pick on the mar Jackson. Why they would go back to Joe flacco specially on a two game win streak only only because coaches are weird. Yeah. I hear you. I I'm saying very little sense to go back to Joe flacco other than coaches and loyalty, and we know that can be first before they can decide about going back to Joe flacco he has to well, he's got to be cleared to return to practice. Still hasn't practice? Jason Hensley covers the ravens for us reporting that he's supposed to see a hip specialist this week. So we'll have more information once that visit has happened to determine whether he can actually even practice. But that's that's basically the if I do think it's interesting that Michael Crabtree. Who has not benefited from the change in quarterback said it's the Lamar show you have to sit back and watch because he's electrifying..

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