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Is rob on the. Affirmative all day. Yeah. We. Shut out. So it was the the appeal to emotion. Combined with you know like the stories that stay with us forever part was very like you know effective combined with just like the. So this is this is one of the reasons I tell debaters that it's okay. If they lose the first round because it gives you like a fire, you come back guns blazing because you know you. You. Didn't take advantage of a cross examination moment that you could have had in the first debate where you all were talking about ratings and Akiva mentioned that it was a different time and you could have said something along the lines of it wasn't a time before the ratings was it like this cross examination you were like Schindler's list. So you know. In the game up. I had some good points though I really do like there are some movies that are just too long I just think that in this. Debate. The better debating was done by route. Yes and. Say for the record that. I am with you that. Prayer. Tanya because he clearly is would be very. Wanted to be on my side? Yeah. But I guess spoke.

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