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And then I saw people on Twitter get mad about that's great man about questioning of his how dare he say that which I thought was strange because is that an offensive. Yeah. But the joke was like his this anti what some of the stuff we said and like so many the first episode of last season. We're. Heavy have moments where I find that knowing Amy's Jewish feel better about it. Like the mister Greenstein MRs Greenstein recurring bit MS Greenstein your husband's gonna only way. Jewish woman. Right. Yeah. And I that kind of other me. Okay. It's fine. Maybe it's too. Yeah. You forget though. Cranston's? Well, you. If you'll like self hating when she hires people like to play the main characters who aren't Rachel exactly they they look like Barbie. And Ken ju. Yeah. And I've said before like Rachel Brosnahan affect I don't love because it feels very like a put on Jewish. Oh, I agree with you in this episode mostly I always feel that way. I feel like I just she's doing her her. She's doing her midge, and it doesn't feel like particularily like she's just this fast-talking ASP Burnett. But in this episode it did kinda come. I think especially because I was watching terrible stand up. That was gonna throw me though, is that Tony shalhoub, and I don't speak. Yeah. And it's it was kind of like that thing where when a movie set in France like some of the castle do British accent of the castle do threat shackling on English words, and like why did we all just get all the pain? Do I feel a little like ANSI that way? Because I think that if more people spoke the way Rachel Brosnahan does it wouldn't be as jarring to me. I think Tim Joel speak. Similarly, I would say they're they're young the same ballpark. His accent is more Brooklyn. I think than any show mid come on mid on. We gotta go downtown. Okay. No. I'm Joel in your your midge, come on midge. We have to go downtown. Why do we have to go downtown? What do you show me downtown? We see up here. This. Up. Here was perfect apiece. Well, you know what? I yeah. I despite all the criticism, I really enjoyed this episode more. So than the previous two. Pick up from that. Really? I did not really I enjoy. I did not enjoy this episode thoughts on a scene to scene level. This is way better than two three to four. Am I pin with a lot of these episodes all the scenes are good? But it's never won that. You're like oh God. I really want to sit down and watch midnight at the Concorde. You know, it's not like like if I see a certain Gilmore girls episode is on I'm excited, but I'm never in a mood to watch. You know, this standalone may all absolutely white people. Don't hardly anyone because the streaming stuff right to nap associates anymore. They pry they writing seasons we watch it as a season. But like there were standing episodes of like, I jump you jump Jak or like defrayed Crean thanksgiving because they were just closed circuit episodes. Everyone should come back to network where I work. Finding episodes true the network discipline of like, this is a distinct episode is. So it's so hard to think of streaming shows where it's like. Oh, yeah. That one like sometimes happens like the bow Jack one where they don't speak or like there was a really great Kimmy Schmidt. That was like fake documentary about a DJ. He only remember the ones that are gimmicks though, because they true stand. As thing, you're totally right. Is that funny? Yeah. And I imagine I'm trying to think of like what was my what was the standout up Assode of last season. And the only thing I could think of is like the finale, I guess because I love the ending of it and the way it all came together. But I only remember the one I came here and talk to you guys about which was which one who remember? They could've put. Well. I mean, why not have a Catskills be one episode? And then it would be the Catskills episode. And we take all the good shit from these maybe three episodes were having watch and put him into one..

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