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The truck gives described as a red faded pickup an allpoints bulletin for that vehicle president trump now suggesting a repeal replace later strategy for health care reform on cbs this morning saturday margaret sanger cats covers healthcare for the new york times this is an idea uh that is premised on that further idea that they will be able to come up with some kind of solution some kind of replacement dealt separately but it's an awfully risky strategy because if all they can do is vote out this repeal bell than there are a lot of very negative consequences that flow from that says the congressional budget office looking into this option repealed its own would break the insurance market leaving eighteen million more americans without insurance next year and premiums would double fbi believed she was kidnapped and killed the chinese scholar visiting the university of illinois and now in illinois man is charged wbbm radio's bob robbery epa that filed against print christiansen says he was at the wheel of the black saturn that ganging zhang entered june nine the fbi says agents who had christiansen under surveillance overheard him saying that he kidnapped j based on this another fax agents van covered they believe she is dead the fbi says it has notified jang's family the chinese consulate and the university illinois of the arrest and of the evidence the fbi's possession kristiansen goes to court monday inner abana longlines and las vegas sudden pushing very aggressively for the last two and a half years to finally see this moment is amazing mad morgan he's the ceo of reef dispensaries today nevada becoming the fifth states to legalize marijuana but a month birthday we found out about this this is super historic we got to be here for this reason you're listening to the winner the.

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