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Owens? Now Mustafa Ali's still hanging <music> this the only thing I can think of as maybe the week before Wrestlemainia put those two in a Andre the giant because someone's gotTa Win that Andre The giant I think a a good name for that would be Kevin Owens because he's kind of lost in the shuffle but have let's. Let's let's flip this already right the baby face Kevin Owens. No one likes doesn't even like it. He walks out just going that would rather cuss. You guys out so let's do right so let's just do the week before mania the go home for smackdown Kevin Owens and Ali is in a match. They kinda lose or something happens. Owens turns the only way you're going to the Andre the only way you're going to get a good Kevin Owens face run as if it's one of those like working class <hes> kind of Reno fat guy kind of thing going back to the Kofi Vincent man storyline they brushed washed up against it right. They just kissed a very controversial storyline that I wish they'd lean into a little bit more one line that Kofi said we'll see one line that Kofi said is you never want people that look like me to be your champion champion now that yeah yeah and that's when it can be no man and that's when we can get some money into this storyline align right now. We're getting into something that we can really get behind right. You gotTA start. That's news to Fox. I guess is wanting W._W._e.. When they switch to pick it up and quote not give into the P._C.? Culture and make more like a little more you know this is if you put the quotes banish announce table especially from my side of talking in this microphone one of my Go-to the two lines and I will go to my grave saying this is I understand the P._C.. Culture in the sense of people being real on reality shows and things like that however in land of fantasy we're trying to tell the story Jesus and no one's allowed to play the devil like you have to go a little bit extreme a little bit into it. You know I'm all for P._C.. Right in in when we're talking about groups of people in public having to coexist amongst each other but we're talking about television shows that you can change Hillary thousand options available to you you know what I mean. This is a three channels and you gotta pick on anymore so yeah you should be fine. Say what you WANNA say all right <HES> WE'RE GONNA go from the Lynch flare rowzee still I mean it is what it is now right like and we're on our way and I guess we're just GonNa get promos and beat down between here now but we did get Dana Brook in this one which I mean but that's a good sacrificial lamb right like ron has got to beat. She did fine Gbi horror at her. That was fun right. I mean she toss her around then. I like like the now you gotTa Pay Sixty Bucks see that and so what did you think by that by that line because I think it's a great line but I took it a different way so when you hear Rhonda saying you gotTa Pay Sixty dollars for an arm bar how do you oh here that I mean just like you gotta by the event but you kind of don't anymore you can get for free but so I didn't take it from the W._W._e.. Standpoint I took it as in this shit is pro wrestling. You want to see a real arm bar. I'll go over to the U._F._C.. You pay sixty dollars for that because sixty dollars for pay-per-view to me signals U._F._C. pay per view ten dollars. A month is the W._B.. Network right. If you're a wrestling fan you have the network. If you're paying sixty dollars that means you're paying for boxing or Gordon Mayfield and to me. I thought she was kind of saying like do you want to see a real one. I'll go back to the octagon. Pay Sixty dollars for that. You'll see some real shit. That's how I heard it when I hit my ears so if that's the case that's fucking awesome right. They just odd I. I don't know that if if that's what she meant it they didn't scripted up that way and probably wouldn't be happy if she win rogue and said it that way but I don't know and let's talk real real quick about how the Fast Lane pay-per-view match with Charlotte and Becky ended with Rhonda Punching Becky in the face which hey look if you're on a punch becky in the face fucking cool right especially if you're he'll now I'm okay with that but the reasoning is because you want her added to the match so again I get your the Supreme Athlete. You know you're better than everyone else Yadda Yadda Yadda but also are you fucking stupid like you added someone and undiminished your own chances of winning now so you probably shouldn't have done that so now. You just look like an angry dumb dumb like that's what she should've had reasoning yeah. She came to share black t-shirt. She came down. She puts her then. She stood there like she didn't know what to do. Next yeah just like I did that and sheer black shirt. Hopefully that's on W._W.. Shop wait a pimp out your gear there. She was this fucking black teacher Fisher or I don't know through speaking of something just the Black T. shirt. Beth Phoenix is wrestling again. Yeah what what are we doing their why she is sitting because we need tag teams. She looked like she just got done chopping wood after having swapped out the carburetors on her seventy-two Dodge Dart to come in and have an old wrassling match with the old Jimmy night hearts daughter like one of the Goddamn Barry Windham nineteen eighty-two man what's going on with that first of all the fuck outta everybody for miles <hes> she put her in there with Rhonda she lives like Dash Physically looks impressive. I will say though the bunk she took from Nyah win. It's our weight behind her and I'm not just saying new because you big but I'm just saying she's at three hundred pound three hundred point five ounce <hes> motherfucker here and so when she took that run into Beth Phoenix Back God dan the whiplash on that that was the most impressive thing of the of the vastly night to me <hes> but yeah now we fast draw. I like the X. Stage just hey we're in jump these bitches because we're the tank champs that we can but it kind of I don't know if Jack's and confused Amino go to the backstage wjr and we get the connection starting to beat them up. Wouldn't you think that <hes> matty and Beth Phoenix within also run back there to beat up though Beth or a to beat up Nyah and confused Meena like it has stood the ring yeah it was like <hes> <hes> Barry windham nineteen ninety-two <hes> and Jim Jimmy Hart's daughter took on the new H head shrinkers. Okay Davis Yep Yep. What was the one thousand nine hundred Barry Windham with Jimmy night hearts daughter taking on the new head shrinkers yeah who did it Pritchard is back? Fuck it is it is either his Margaret there all right <hes> the shield field one last time when that the the rock and Johnson was a one time only or whatever that was and then they did it immediately like six months and here's the even the weirdest thing to me about that isn't this again kind of like the Kurt Angle retirement. Let's take it for vase value right. It was the last time but they're still there. It's like if I put in it's like if the leaving a place I work and I put in two months notice <music>. Hey guys in July. It'd be my last day and then you show up on Monday and it's weird but it's not even flash forward seven years and let's say they're all still there and seven years down the road and one of them's getting beat up by a two or three guys aren't ever going to help because like nine remember we said back into that nineteen and it was the one last time so we really fucked yeah. Hey Hey we we will. We will support each other for this last time time yeah we we have to support this last time. It doesn't make sense after this. Oh but man McIntyre punked out Dean Ambrose <hes> Well Andy gave a concussion quote unquote to Roman rain so they really put him over the top. He'll he looks the part to me and it was finally kind of good to see him. Get that main event spotlight. I think it'll be McIntyre Roman. That's why I think they're going for. I think so to all right right so Mandy Rossana Deville we have a little dissension among the ranks there <hes> with that whole Oscar storyline yeah. How awesome is it? That Oscar taps out the hottest talent in W._W._e.. To only then be the champion in a secondary storyline storyline about two girls who don't like each other she's so irrelevant it could have literally been anyone include that could've been Alicia Fox and then at least a Fox picks up victories over <hes> Fire Nice or whatever they're called like irrelevant within to ask as the champion and the story and makes zero since could have been unleash could have been Nikki Cross <hes> <hes> the revival black gave. It looks like that whole thing's kind of continuing in the weird <music> I don't you know now that we know about the Tomasso Ciampa neck surgery thing and they debuted to the to the main event or to the main Rosser. It does feel like that should have been D._I._Y.. And if I tell You D._I._Y.. Revival full and then route gable that's a little bit easier story to digest than Black Ishii <hes> although I think we should grow on that name has to tweet table <hes> yeah I I'm. I'm not interested. It's going to be refund fine match right. I'll I'll show a pseudo wrestling fan that ricochet does a I don't know sixteen hundred eighty frog splash fuck. It's called cool by in three weeks after that. I won't remember the fucking match you know the three hundred point five outs backflow. Let's talk about the coolest storyline in my opinion and the Best Promo of the week because I still think the Rhonda Charlotte Becky thing is the is the hottest storyline going into Wrestlemainia and obviously should main event because we've just said it enough that it has to happen although but but with that being said the best Promo of the week I thought in the most interesting story <hes> <hes> of the two shows <hes> was Randy Orton A._J.. Styles right. How much fun was that? 'cause both guys were telling the truth yeah and that's it was so much work. Shoot going on there <hes> I the thing.

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