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The NFC playoffs because I have six good to NFC seemed a little better than AFC which non-division leader with a winning record will not make the playoffs I give you these choices into vikings the four and two panthers the five and two seahawks or the four and three rams there one team that seemed obvious that has an uphill battle run that by me again N. four and three ram five and two seahawks four and two panthers five and two Vikings all are in second place or third place right now I'm going to say panthers I it's not that that they haven't been a good story after losing cam I don't know if it's sustainable because it feels like they're one dimensional so if the defense plays great then the offense is complementary than that they consider to survive there in Atlanta I mean I think that Arthur blank is not going to fire Dan Quinn during the regular season as just a way of saying hey I'm gonNA show you respect you got us to a super bowl but would be looking for another job here's Dan Quinn the Falcons head coach on his job situation do you believe season at this point either further team or for yourself the first one zero I never think you're out of the fight and so you shouldn't think that way as a team member and I certainly don't think that way as the coach recognize it when you don't play well those are fair questions but now I feel like wherever out of the fight and until we do we're capable of my fight would always stay consistent you imagine if he'd just answered that honestly coach you think the season's over Oh yeah Oh yeah I put a stamp on that envelope I mailed it in a long time ago yeah on were done I probably won't shop at Home Depot after this yes mclovin I thought you were going to say the rams team that'll be left on the outside looking in three what did we learn about them by beating Atlanta anything nothing in what they were going to get better with you know with the the next couple loop games we knew that and then we're going to figure out as they get into that stretch run here you know there's a couple of teams where you're going I'm not quite sure every week we think we got it all figured out member Kirk cousins couldn't play the position nobody's been better the last two weeks Russell Wilson's your MVP until he is not your MVP with the six Lamar Jackson and the Ravens I don't know if they're for real yeah I guess they're for real we just keep you know these are chess pieces we keep gifting around going take that take none on second thought check known unknown though it's not check not even check me Ashland I always get an offer new people and I'm taking off the Shawn Watson putting on Jacoby percent and Lamar Jackson because we didn't know if Jacoby perset was going to be me remember the colts I haven't heard a colts fan lament the fact they don't have Andrew luck anymore funny how that happened Eh do yeah member the text syncing to Shawn Watson an MVP candidate he's right up there with mahomes the Texans they could be second best team in the AFC Vikings Oh it's a loss season but the ravens going into seattle pretty impressive member Aaron Rogers and his coach they may not get along and let's see how this works see a leader and he had a perfect rating yesterday that win against the lines a memory didn't plan to preseason uh I don't know is it going to be ready with that new coach playcalling they're going to get get along together yes mclovin but okay a daytime kirk cousins against the Lions we've seen this movie thousand I mean when the next time he plays after four o'clock he's like the opposite of a vampire Kirk you want him to come out at night all they go to the cowboys on November tenth at eight twinning boy that's going to be ugly right I don't know if it's a Sunday or well I don't know your Vikings a couple of games next week they got the redskins eight Twenty PM Dallas Eight Twenty PM and a couple of weeks then Seattle Game Rams night game they got five games over the next nine weeks but we kick out that what he gets a Redskins at home couple of days no oh that's prime cousins Ville cousins revenge against the redskins uh-huh he's GonNa fight him up their revenge for the him getting paid like one hundred seventy million dollars by them yeah I would not be mad at the redskins all right the poll question you're going to go with McClellan okay I have one more I have a baseball question which of these super sharp pitchers who's the man if you had to have one of these guys on the mound I know who you're answering recall Justin verlander Max Scherzer or Stephen Strasburg I don't have agreed I don't know if I have an answer for that because I love Sherzer I love Cole Orlando has had a revitalization here in Strasbourg is right there with Garrett Cole those are two they're probably the two hottest pitchers going into the world Rosen the nationals probably not the matchup you expect it in the world series now the astros makes sense they're probably the perfect all around team the nationals probably not Oh after being one thousand nine hundred thirty one after fifty games but in the year the home run these two teams defined by dominant pitching and it's not that they don't have hitting finally hitting as we saw on Saturday night but you got Garrett Cole and Burland Max Scherzer Strasbourg and you got big time pitchers to complement the aces several ways to win the world series and we've seen this teams that have great bullpens big hitting lineups but it feels like you gotta have that consistent factor in October it's starting pitching dominant pitchers tough to beat specially guys that have proven they can pitch under pressure I'm looking forward to this world series in I don't know it's a I love with the Astros do they strike you out a lot and they don't strike out a lot and they've got some clutch players then you got what the nationals have done the nationals are fascinating to me the young talent they have the pitching and they've done this without Bryce Harper so it's spicy to me I look forward to this world series probably more so than I have in quite a few years yeah Paulie a week ago we talked about Tuesday night tomorrow night and what a great sports night it was but now gets underway so you'll still be able to watch just baseball for quite a while Reggie Miller will join us tomorrow preview the upcoming season of course the big news Ion Williamson is going to be out for a couple of weeks I saw report where Nike Executives were worried about Zion's weight and that is an ongoing issue here and may have bled to that knee entry I don't know if you have a weight clause in there we see that with offensive lineman sometimes when you show up you must weigh three ten not three fifteen and we find you certain amount of money I don't know if Nike has a weight clause in there for a while but I found that interesting yes injury because of their shoe collapsed on him well it could have been he was heavier than he needed to be in right who collapsed underneath I don't know I will take a break Moose. Johnston will join US coming up and we'll have a poll question for you as well phone number's eight seven seven or phone number eight seven seven three the show also give you our best to the weekend as well I probably top everybody with worst of the weekend I'm going to say right now I'm the leader in the clubhouse and that I say t's I the worst weekend out of all the guys I will take a break seventeen after the hour this is the Dan Patrick show everybody's got a to do list I get one for my wife drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk figure out something to get out of the House so I can relax here's an idea Ah let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance the good thing you don't have to drop off.

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