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Welcome to season three episode. Thirty five of the jordan. Be peterson podcast. I'm michaela peterson jordan's daughter. This is an interview. Podcast filmed recently november. Twenty twenty with wim hof. The video version of the podcast is available on my youtube. Channel at mackillop peterson videos. Or you can just type in wim hof jordan peterson. And that'll bring you right to the episode had wim hof on my podcast and dad co hosting but like usual as in one other episode. I let him do most of the talking. So we're putting it up on both podcasts. I think this'll be the format from now on for interview. Podcasts that are from my podcast. They'll all be available here and in video version on my youtube channel. Wim hof is absolutely incredible. He's also known as the ice man. But i'll leave his intro. The dad does in the actual episode a heads up. Dad mentioned in the episode that he hasn't been feeling well. And i'm happy to tell you that he's feeling much better since this was filmed. So don't worry. I hope you enjoy this episode. If you do please remember to hit. Subscribe for more. I want to tell you guys about an app slash website. I use called thinker dot org. I absolutely love it. If you're someone who reads a ton or wants to learn fast this is for you. It certainly for me. Thinker dot org. That's t. h. I n. k. r. dot org allows you to read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes. I read a ton. Mostly research staffer books from the people. Are dad podcast with. This isn't the same as reading an entire book. But if you need to get through information quickly or if you want to consume more and don't have the time which is kind of where i'm at thinker you to read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes from old classics like how to win friends and influence people to recent best sellers. The app gives you the gist of the book. And the main ideas. Which kind of gives you all the juice really quickly for people reading a ton or those who want to get through a lot of information quickly i would highly recommend dot org also use it..

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