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Get a drain cleaning for only $99. How are the roads? Do indeed, deal dying will sound found on 3 95. It's slow past due street, but delays they're easing the broken down truck finally moved out of the way before it's a road. All lanes through Express merge open toward Edsel and towards Springfield. Straight ahead on 95. It's slow once more through, Lord, it was broken down. Dumb truck near exit. 1, 61 Woodbridge. That stalled out in the left center lane. But I think that driver limped onto a shoulder so all the traffic once that happens If it hasn't happened yet, we'll search down to the bottleneck. The AKA Kwan near 1 23, where the pace is almost always slow during daylight hours and sound found on Route one. No refuge there with the work zone beyond 1, 23 and at one point only one lane getting by. Not sure if they picked it up yet, but it's certainly still slow on Route one. If for no other reason than bail out North bound on 95 is getting better through Fredericksburg. The works out of the Rappahannock is clear. Still bit slow near Rue three but slower on Route one across the Rappahannock and work So in there yesterday, they likely came back today. Yesterday they blocked the right lane 66. Of course, the long term lane closures for the express lanes work, but no other major incidents blocking between the Beltway and Manassas. Heaviest traffic. Westbound Metro it again through Centerville into three lanes stretches westbound Route seven toward their in Cameron Avenue single file. Past the work Zone Beltway in Maryland Interlude volume building into silver Spring, Nothing blocking on the Beltway in Maryland or Virginia to 17 or found heavy into Frederick. The crash on Route 15 north of West. Patrick Street, though, is on the median strip. Two lanes are getting by when it comes to hypersonic missiles. Every second counts. Aerojet Rocketdyne pioneered advanced Hypersonic propulsion technology, and they continue to lead it. Maura rocket dot com Dave Tilden w T o p. Traffic forecast Now Amelia Drape another sun filled afternoon, awesome weather, forgetting outdoors and enjoy. Is Sonny. Comfortable, afternoons and clear. Cool nights should also help to lead you really pretty foliage this year, especially with the red and purple colors, which are sugar's produced in the leaves, and those sugars.

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