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Like it had liquor under something. They're getting the car and he says Kalomo Dri will just about complete my collection of demons he's collecting Damon's he's got a demon collection yeah. I guess in the seventies you could have a demon collection. He's an author he wrote a book the basically talking about how demons were not real. Well, he's getting ready to find out that there are some demons and they're going to talk to him in a bizarre Li a formal manner through a kids like Synthesizer Old Senate? And maybe signed him up for the trial lamb Come you're waiting for it is that the only thing that you can think of that Bernie Casey in Bernie Casey is the main gargoyles and he I assume they picked him because he's like six foot four or something yeah, he is. He is six foot four. Let's just make this Gargle as big and imposing as we can. But he's like it is very strange thinking that he is under all that makeup like really Bernie Casey. You're right though I started thinking about it and I was trying to think of the thing that I would know him from. The. Most yeah and I think it's just in the mouth of madness and he's only in it for like five minutes until the crazy guy comes through the window nosy and it would have been revenge of the nerds all the way for me I will. Yeah, I'm sorry. Yes. Of course, have closed revenge of the NERDS. So Gargoyles Bill Norton directed it kind of looked at him his stuff for a little bit nothing too exciting except he's down as the writer for convoy. Yes. You knew I was going to bring this up. Yes I was hoping you were GonNa Bring it out I love that movie. he didn't direct it but he he wrote it and I had to look at convoy. We're going to look at it here in just a minute to. A lot more talk about Oh, about convoy maybe not necessarily okay by itself again, because this could easily turn into a convoy podcast and I've just slide right into. The lateral move. Yeah. Maybe not even maybe a kind of step down but still needs to be discussed. He also directed baby the secret of the lost legend my God. Yeah, I saw this at the theater. Wow Rag. I saw it on a endless loop on HBO in the. Couple of summers after it came out and I was like, this is crap. Crap and it's crap now. So he did a more American graffiti. I've actually seen that obviously didn't really go over you look at his credits and there's a lot TV? Men Anyway I wanted to bring up I just wanted to bring up convoy because we're going to circle back around to that here in just don't WanNa talk about Cisco.

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