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The sanctions and everything is is is going to be everything's gonna be fine now instead of celebrating the very first president to ever make it all the way around the world and get a meeting with the north koreans and get a promise of denuclearizing the country and the peninsula instead of celebrating that well donald trump got all kinds of grief but i he brings some of that grief on himself he was watching tv today at the white house fox and friends was doing this show out of the white house lawn so the president said hey i got an idea let's go out there and crash the fox and friends party tv station right outside your front door well friendly so he appeared and he talked for a half hour on fox can't you see the producers back in the in the new york city i thought out there anyway here's one of the things that he said this is a little cringeworthy he's the head of a country and i mean he's the strongest he thought about kim jong un hinged don't let anyone think anything different he speaks in his people sit up at attention i want my people to do the same you've got some he actually said i want my people do the same brandon early how how did he think that was going to be really now he cares here here's the amazing thing after this was over what did he do i was just joking you might want to tell us your joke at that point just just just right after you deliver that line i wish that people would sit up in listen to me then you might wanna go just kidding steve doocy thanks for coming out to the white house that's not what he did say what and then earlier in the week in singapore greta van susteren back to work no.

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