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If you come to this from the standpoint of when you disable America. So I'm going to do these five simple steps to do. So that's a wrong motivation. If you come through these with the realization that I'm rich in data saving and need of getting right with my savior, you will naturally end up with that first thing, and then you'll be on the path for all the we'll come back. More feedback Friday here on the blaze in a moment. Stay tuned. It is nice to stand with people who are taking a stand miss, Victoria Hearst. And she is standing up to her own family. She is part of the William Randolph Hearst family. Of course. He's one of the great tycoons. Great success stories in American history. One of her family's properties is Cozma politics magazine, and she is disturbed ac-. It's always been a bit edgy. But now, it's just flat out going pornographic. Despite the fact that is in pretty much every supermarket checkout aisle in the country. So it's easily accessible and market two daughters. Like Todd's mind, yours she'd like her parents her family's company to do something about that. And she's asking us to lend our voice to hers, which is essentially this if you guys want to produce content like playboy or penthouse fine, but you should be shielded from minors like magazines, such as those.

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