Attorney, Beverley Nelson, Roy Morris discussed on Morning Meeting


Histories the attorney representing beverley yarn nelson gloria thanks for joining us so what's your response took roy wars lawyers digger a denial of beverley nelson's claims are just serious questions he is concerned about roy morris handwriting wow i i however concerned carpet i won't say this wealthy yesterday i eat it in a letter to the chairs of the united states senate judiciary committee and the united states select committee on ethics types formerly request is that those committees conducting hearing within the next two weeks we guarding the accusations made by the five women victims several more and more they were teenagers and my client beverley yeltsin and she volunteered on monday at our press conference to testify under oath adding hearing before these committees regarding what she alleges slowing more good to her and we also urge the commission roy let's side slow he might have asked the run class beyond the more testify under oath at that the accusations against the uh in the event that either four postseason agreed to conduct are requesting hearing that we would agree that have the original yearbook examined by an independent expert or expert who would obtain exemplar is mr more handwriting during the period of the questions and compare that handrwriting which is uh uh in the year and so the time has come for roy more to announce whether he's willing to be examined under oath concerning his conduct with regard to the fight accuses baghdad than senate committees howard all laws and do his an ostrich just ask questions one of the senate doesn't jewett are you.

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