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On the personal fouls he's got to as well you always trying to handle a very active john michael malloy in the post molloy's got nine point so far in this game 16000 brownsboro gets twenty four to ten karma what their biggest lead at fourteen under three minutes remaining in the first half rounds right rights left in the whole white uniforms with purple trimble dogs across the chest paul wrath picked up his dribble at the elbow works back out to jenkins and he goes a of a high ball screen near the time line rose it over to baker and try to go to offered offered at the free throw line he was bumped as he accepted the pass and that's going to be the fifteen found alan on caramel and the player guilty is eddie gill on that is he age second team a personal fouls we trying to get the ball cameron alford which is not a bad thing by could go to a tiny bit i'd say needs to get the ball a lot more offer to play it in the steve's down by 14 points having trouble getting in end does soda bakeroo on a fadeaway shot from about seven seventeen feet it's off the mark off the back or no and pulling down the rebound are the caramel greyhounds and carsten win lin lauck at across the time line what's a nice way only in just hard to execute when when he catching your falling backwards and you go in and try to shoot we'll into malloy at the elbow lowers his shoulder gets to the rim we got a foul on the floor on us path through the bucket it called a jumble yeah i didn't see a title at all yeah yes what he called maybe in the quickest jump ball indeed into but caramel retains position on the alternate alternating possession and they'll play it in underneath the hoop up by fourteen points.

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