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Eight is that the fastest you can run. Now, I gotta gotta exit couple gears next couple of years more. You know, if I'm hit again, but I get hi four four or so of leaving myself, and I know capability, so I know I got a little bit more channel little bit more in the tanks a little bit. What do you think of pre snap? What goes through your mind men, number one Rian the keys, you know, first of all started off and Donna distance and on, you know, for that offer personnel eleven twelve thirteen in own no seeing woulda gone a game. And if two tight ends up or if he's coming to most things like that. So but other than that. I'm just ready for the ball. Snaps soggy, put my hands or somebody. Well, as you know, you know, I I was at the combine you were too. It was just remarkable the number of talented players at your position that there are what what separates you in your mind from everybody else. Oh, yeah. Number one toady, you know, could play everything I'm a defensive end. But I'm able to get going though into the three take another rush about the edge. You know job into the crow job to the flat slow. I'm very versatile, man. I feel like maybe a team needs. Okay. Let's talk about coach Arbil. Let's talk about Jim. Yeah. When you first meet him met him. I wanna say my junior high school junior high school. No, you just got the job at Michigan in this talking to him. He's a great man on, you know, coming for the forty nine is in, you know, being NFL coach, you know, he played a good factor me going to Michigan. He put Michigan programming organization where you know. It's ran a certain way in you. Gotta follow the rules. And he Vos you chief. James soon. Go is a guy with a plan. And all you gotta do. Listen to him executed. Well, have you? What's the what's the craziest thing you've heard at his mouth? Craziest Ono man is is really hard to say, he's a different type of guy. So I love the guy. So, you know, we're we're in good company here the idea that you don't eat chicken cause it's a nervous bird. Would you agree with that? Oh, yeah. Absolutely. That comes out to live on. Fi gain those is never served. So he believes in just believing that there's never chicken served. No pie after practice but towards game bankas dinner because it's a nervous bird is. Essay. Okay. When a certain someone came in two thousand and sixteen I'm going to go there down their throat again when I asked this question of Devon Bush, and I stepped in it. But I'll ask it again the same way certain someone came to speak to the team in two thousand sixteen before the game. How how roused were you buy that former university of Michigan person coming to speak to the team? He knows the honor. You know, having people come back not people. But Michigan men, come back home. You know show the pass for the program. You know, just believe in us. You know, Michigan manned all around the world. You know, alumnis great. So is being able to have a person come back. He no showed a love and passion just makes you want to play snap even in their uniform talking about I would assume so who is who's at person talking about looking at them fantastic. Devin Bush's like it was great having Brady there. No. No. No, that's not what I'm talking about..

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