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Of the Memo, a terrific book that everyone should pick up 20 years inside the deep state fighting for America. First rich, Welcome to the Charlie Cook Show. Hey, Charlie. Thanks for having it so rich, the kind of the phrase deep state is thrown around a lot. What is it? How deep is it and some people say doesn't exist. Please build it out for us. I think five years ago, people would've said it doesn't exist. I think people now are beginning to understand. It's it's very real, and it's the UN elected government, Basically right, it's you. The chairman of the drink, seizures staff pushing back against the president. It can be Judge Sullivan keeping General Flynn dragging him through a month for three or four years. Now, these people that the we the people didn't elect we didn't put into power, yet they exercised tremendous amount of authority over us. So how did this happen? How did the deep state get staffed? Created on DH just kind of be speea specific as you can, because ah lot of people are either unwilling or unable to see the full picture. Well, I think you have to go back a number of years that there's some of it is just sort of normal had been flow of governance, right. Any bureaucracy doesn't stay. And so there's ah natural. Inclination in these institutions that have tremendous resource in tremendous amount authority. No, I mean the Defense Department alone's been $700 billion a year. No, most people can't even comprehend that type of money and Yes, it is. Ah, ah, natural sort of belief that takes root that you can do what you need to do. And you know, you respond to the people over. You know what's happened? Sickly in the past. Really 30 40 years. But it really came to the forefront during the Obama administration is that Craven opportunists like Hillary Clinton got themselves into positions where they were able to put their own networks inside of these institutions and then wield power within the institutional bureaucracy through corruption, graft, political pressure, blackmail, etcetera, and so much of what President Trump has been doing for the past couple years. Been battling this residual corruption. So you write about this in the book? The memo tell us a little bit about the book and it says, read the actual memo that caused a firestorm inside the White House and around the world. What is the memo? Well back in back in 2016 had been one of the counterterrorism adviser for the Trump campaign and then near certain so We simply knew early in the campaign that you know we weren't colluding with Russia. I mean, I was just ridiculous clearly was Hillary Clinton's political which shocked us was that After November 8th. The operation seemed to intensify and, you know, I had worked in the Pentagon for a number of years in the black operations world where we would do things like what we were seeing happened to President Elect Trump and then President Trump. We would do things like this to Saddam Hussein, for example, where we would leak his transcripts or leaked the transcripts of his generals plotting against him, and we see with President Trump they were leaking his phone calls to the president. Mexico is phone calls and President Australia and so we said, Well, what's really happening here? Well, several of the National Security Council saw what was going on in the new movie Output is the president collaborates on this? We began looking at okay, what's really going on here and in an effort to one president and then some of the people I've met around campaign, some of your friends right on junior and others wrote a memo that basically laid out what I thought was the scope of what was happening out at the time. I was I was operating with, you know, a very finite amount of knowledge and wrote it. Not knowing that you know what we know. Now there was a cross fire hurricane who are all these operations they were spying on president they were trying to subvert sabotage him and General McMaster wasn't a big fan of that. And he you know, he moved to have me removed and it created a little bit of a fire strong in the summer of 2017. So there's a lot I want to unpack their C. I remember when this memo kind of came Tio light, and I remember the backlash and I remember people talking about it. Has anything improved. I think a lot of improved. I mean, I think the president putting in John McEntee in particular. It's a huge upgrade. I love Johnny. He is absolutely 1000%. And I think the president will have only met with the president a couple of times over the years. The president understands much more fully now. The nature of the fight he was walking into, right. I mean, it was Difficult for a businessman who even though he knew maybe he was going to have to learn a few things that manage the government. You're never expecting anything like this. Right? There was no historical precedent. You know, Lincoln had to sneak into Washington D. C because he came here to stop the spread of slavery to the new state's right. President. Trump probably should've stuck in Washington D. C Because you know he had been elected. I think to stop these leftists revolutionary drift in the country, and that was the unspoken Pinpoints of modern right. It was this counter revolutionary movement that that he was now that the leader ofthe and I think he thought these institutions were perhaps what we think of the citadels of the West. Great. You never think of FBI. Someplace where leftism exists. Right? Or the CIA is a leftist entity. But today we see they are yes. Why do sweetie Republicans in Congress refused to acknowledge and recognize this Um, you know, I think there's a couple of things there. I think number one is from..

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