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I helena cell entity elsie mention what was the same way in the year helen a cell anna t l cement so it's prop i the year thing so it's probably not helena zeller tlc right it would probably be is that that nato c matches aside from the chelsea paper views i don't know yet i might be blanket on this when you guys is this an easy wanner rugged this guy in the golden globes every single question he's been like it added it today is it a minor kick myself after do you know you don't know katie as you can guess if you want i don't have i mean educate again i don't have enough getting a agent gift guests russell many five the megapowers collided it to you'll see how it is so we oxide and i didn't understand the question it's a paper viewer tlc anna helena selma happened on the same show seen cart saying i understood that is to say that lasted more than a year no no clue right okay what's what's what's what's the answer guy the answer is on trade even two thousand six giles delivers is a tribute to yosi at the experts bands of big show at route great job i might give wellington golf hoodie guys rotate great guys vote they great sex generousity sam ladies and gentlemen men i wanna give you all a big thank you for coming out and supporting the show tonight uh hopefully it some is this something you'd like to see us do again.

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