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Games each of the main players data who are on your daily fantasy teams. Now are moving on Mark. What's on the end? Yeah. I wanna talk about stand up performance a little bit more. Sony, Damian Williams for sure I was thinking hell Damian Williams attend carries for thirty yards. But he scored a touchdown on the ground in where he really did. His work was is five catches for sixty six yards in two big time touchdowns in the passing game. The one of those such he just ran to the ends and no one touched him. Yeah. The screen pass rate talking about where homes through over his shoulder. And then it was like off to the races. Yeah. Tyreek hill one catch for forty two yards. He only at three targets. That's unheard of for a team. That loves Harry, kill see only five targets both will under their averages. Which is that the coach's decision Mahomes is decision. You think I think the patriots game plan was very good. Even though the score thirty one points. I feel like the patriots kind of control the game defensively like they don't feel like they ever what the game like get away from them. The cheese made some big plays because they have some big players. But. Felt like it's weird to say that Mahomes was like stopped a little bit because he still had three touchdowns in two hundred ninety five yards. But that it kind of is him getting stopped. Isn't it? You can hold them home center three hundred yards passing in. He had eleven yards rushing can feel like maybe you did your job. They're true. Very true..

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